5 Best Surf Spots For Beginners On Oahu

If you’ve planned your next summer trip to Hawaii, you’d possibly like to learn surfing and discover the best surf spots for beginners on Oahu. For most visitors, surfing is one of the basic things that come to mind while thinking of Hawaii tours.

Hawaii is often referred to as a gold mine of beautiful beaches, although not all spots are suitable for beginner surfers. That’s not quite easy to understand which surf spots are ideal for beginners. From Diamond Head to White Plains, there’re multiple spots on all sides of the island of Oahu for beginners to go surfing.

Are you enthusiasts to go surfing as a beginner in Oahu? Then, keep on reading with us to find the top 5 best locations to surf in Oahu for beginners. Finding the locations for surfing is equally important as knowing the surf rules for beginners in Hawaii.

List of Top 5 Best Surf Spots In Oahu For Beginners –

  1. White Plains Beach

Located on the west side of Oahu, this beginner surf spot encounters gentle and slow waves, which are consistent all year long. Here every newcomer surfer can enjoy a relaxing and fun feeling. This beautiful location further has a military shack where youngsters can grow expert skills in surfing and rent surfing equipment as well. And also, surf equipment rentals are comparatively cheaper here than most other board rentals.

  1. Diamond Head

For beginners, enjoying surfing in such an exotic spot is actually relaxing within its extended mellow waves and intense waters. After beginners have descended to Diamond Head Beach Park and make the long paddle out to Cliffs, they’ll get an epic view of the beautiful Diamond Head Cliffside, which is situated straight out from the beach. Beginners are also suggested not to move towards the lighthouse of Diamond Head because this location has faster waves and shallower waters.

  1. Chun’s Reef

This longboard surfing spot is situated on the north shores of Oahu, which is quite a popular place to enjoy surfing as an inexperienced surfer. This location drops into a vast channel where surfers can rest before heading back for surfing. Here you can get options of different locations to rent boards on the north shore and various surf schools for taking beginner lessons. Although this beginner-friendly location for surfing isn’t ideal to surf during the winter season as the waves are comparatively bigger during that time of the year.

  1. Old Man’s Oahu

This beginner-friendly surf sport is situated straight out from the Elk’s Lodge in Waikiki. The longboard break is considered as one of the best locations to learn advanced skills in surfing as the deep waters and less crowded. At Old Man’s you can experience a wide range of crowds, who are interested in canoes, paddleboards, and longboarders. Every tourist of Hawaii seems to get along and enjoy such incredible waves, exotic seashores, and each other’s company, which makes it fun for beginners.

  1. Canoes

Located in the heart of Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave, this beautiful destination is well-known as one of the most crowded beginner surf spots on the island of Oahu. These waves are just perfect as it gets for beginners long-boarding. The reef is situated deep underwater, which makes it an ideal surf spot for beginners in Hawaii. Don’t skip visiting such an amazing place as you’ll get plenty of board rental facilities to visit here for surfing, and experience the exotic white-sand beaches.

Ahead of heading towards diverse beaches of Oahu, you need to get yourself prepared with common surfing etiquette, and also check with certified instructors to enjoy unlimited surfing hours.

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