5 Best Surfing App for Becoming a Good Surfer

With the advent of high-speed internet, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Starting from ordering food and booking flight tickets to renting properties and buying groceries, there’s a mobile application for almost everything. Surfing is no exception! In this blog, we’ve listed the top 5 surfing app that you must download for becoming a pro!

best surf app

  • Surfline (Available in both Play Store and App Store)

 Weather plays a crucial role in surfing. And when it comes to weather forecasting, Surfline is one of the most trusted names in the U.S. The company has been in this business since 1985. They launched their mobile application in 2015.

Surfline gives its user the access to real-time surf reports, long-range swell analysis, and weather forecasts of all the favorite surf spots in the U.S. They’re also provided with seamless access to 300+ live surf and beach cameras 24/7/365. Premium subscribers are also provided with award-winning surf and ocean news, stories, videos, and photos multiple times a day.

Whether you’re an expert or a rookie, you’ll be needing accurate weather reports to improve or harness your skills as a surfer.

  • Pro Surf Training (Available in both Play Store and App Store)

Pro Surf Training can be your Messiah for amateurs or intermediately skilled surfers. Each of the 30 programs and 150 exercises available on this app is super-specific and is aimed at helping surfers build the strength of the core muscles. Most surf camps in Hawaii recommends the bussing talents to download this app. The most exciting part is that it features instructions and video demos to help young surfers hone their surfing skills.

  • Surfr ( Available in App Store Only)

For tips on when and where to surf in Hawaii or for chatting with other surfing enthusiasts, Surfr is worth checking out! After downloading the app, the users will just have to tap on a surf spot near their location to view the nearby surf spots and the surfers who’re available to hit the beach at that point of time. The app also allows the user to upload their photos and view the images captured by other users.

  • World Surf League (Available in both Play Store and App Store)

If you’re desperately looking for inspiration from the world’s best surfers, then World Surf League can be your best bet! Post downloading, you’ll be able to watch live event broadcasts from the World Surf League, get alerts whenever a big competition is about to start, and build personalized feeds to track the progress of your favorite athletes. The app also allows its users to build a customized surfing team and compete with friends.

Expert professionals at Hawaii surf camp always advice the aspirants to draw inspiration and learn from experts. World Surf League mobile application can help them do that.

  • Billabong Surf Trip (Available in both Play Store and App Store)

 Though it’s a surfing game, it helps budding surfers develop the basics of surfing and build an idea about the advanced techniques. The developers are of the view that no waves are the same and a surfer should have the skill to surf on all types. That’s why they’ve put their best possible effort to include all types of waves. That way, they want to give the youths a brief idea about the various types of waves.

So, here was our list of the 5 best apps for becoming a good surfer. Though we strictly believe practicing regularly is the key to master the art of surfing. You can even contact a trusted surf camp in Hawaii to adopt the advanced techniques of surfing.