5 Exercises to Prepare for Surfing

Surfing is not only enjoyable but also a physically demanding sport. Paddling, balancing, catching a wave and aerial moves need physical strength.

Proper surf training lets the surfers perform better while catching waves. It makes the surf sessions more enjoyable. Quality training helps in minimizing the chances of injuries.

Surf camps in Hawaii arrange training programs that can help the newbies during surfing.

Warm-up is the first step that helps your body get ready for the surf session. Often surfers plunge in the water without proper warm up session results in injuries.

Surfing demands stamina and a well-built body that you can get by exercising on land. It will improve your performance.

Surfing requires balancing and perfect muscle interactions. The sport can be harder for indecisive people as surfers need to decide their moves quickly without wasting much time.

Only proper training can help you to build physical and mental strength that is necessary to be an expert surfer.

1. Warm Up

warm up

Quality surfing warm up movements focus on increasing the heart rate and mobility, lubricating joints, exciting the nervous system and releasing tight tissues. It allows the body to move smoother and faster.

Warm Up Movements:

Single Leg Upper Body Rotation

This move requires standing on one leg bending your knee a bit and pushing your hip backward while your arms are placed in front of you.

While being in this position, rotate slowly from side to side. Control your movement in such a way so that you can balance yourself on a leg.

Standing Knee Hugs

Stand tall without bending your spine. Now, bring a knee close to your chest. Hug your knee with both hands and pull them close to your chest without bending your spine.

Breathing Squat

Perform squat while extending your arms towards the sky. Now, exhale while you push your body downwards and inhale while your body comes back up.

2. Balance Training

Balance Training

Balance is a significant part of surf training. It minimizes the reaction times of the surfer and helps stabilize the joints.
Single leg exercise, lunges, ice skater squats improve the balancing ability of the surfer.

3. Endurance Training


Surfing requires high energy levels for longer periods. Endurance training program helps a lot.
Swimming, jogging, boxing, jump rope are great exercises to increase endurance of surfers.

4. Core Training

Core Training

Core training is exceptionally important to improve your power. It helps in preventing injuries and increases speed.

‘Core’ isn’t about abs only. It comprises of several muscles that stabilize your movements while surfing.
Core training must be done in integration.

Isolated movements don’t help much. Medicine balls, exercise bands, stability balls and cables are some of the best tools for quality core strengthening.

5. Upper Back and Shoulders

shoulder exercise

Paddling is an integral part of surfing that needs strong shoulders, powerful core and stable upper back.

Extra upper back and shoulders training is mandatory for pain-free, durable, stronger upper body.

Shoulder scarecrows, body blade exercises, dumbbell bent rows are helpful exercises for stronger upper back and shoulders.

Hawaii surf camps provide the surfers with high quality surfing training programs that include all of these training facilities.

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