6 Reasons to be Addicted to Surf Camp in Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands are truly an amazing place to go for a vacation, with their clear waters, swaying palm trees, and other spectacular natural elements. What makes the place more interesting is its surf scene!

Hawaii attracts a multitude of travelers from all parts of the world that are either pro surfers or want to learn surfing. The majestic waves of the Hawaiian waters are highly suitable for learning surfing.

There are several companies that organize surf camps in the Hawaiian islands to teach surfing to travelers. Participating in a surf camp in Hawaii is exciting, adventurous, and lets you have great vacation time.

Here are some reasons you would simply love learning surfing in Hawaii by taking part in a surf camp:

1. Good Waves

Surfing on Waves


Hawaii has some of the most majestic waves for surfing in the globe. Irrespective of the island someone is on, they are bound to find good surfing spots.

This is because Hawaii’s most waves are reef breaks, i.e., waves break over a rocky bottom or reef. As there’s no change in the bottom, waves are the same almost always.

For surfing learners, this is a good thing. It allows surfers to practice on same types of waves again and again until they grow comfortable to catch and stand up on waves.

2. Scenic Beauty

Hawaii Spot

Surfing in Hawaii doesn’t just involve catching waves. You would also need to sit on the surfboard, waiting for the waves for coming your way. While sitting on your surfboard doing the waiting, take in the scenic beauty around, which is going to make the waiting a pleasant pastime!

The water quality of Hawaii is one of the best in the world. Tropical fish can be seen swimming under your surfboard in crystal clear waters. Hawaii has such a surreal beauty that being there might feel like a dream!

3. Hawaii is the Place of Origin of Surfing

Female Surfer with Surfboard

Hawaii is the place where the sport of surfing was born. Surfing is an integral part of the lives of many Hawaiians. Surfing is believed to be the “Sport of Kings”, and locals have been learning this sport while growing up.

Learning surfing by joining a surf camp in Hawaii is learning the sport in its birthplace itself, which is one of the best ways to experience Hawaii’s true island spirit.

4. Warm Waters

warm sea water

The water of Hawaii is warm year round, with the temperature ranging between 72 and 76 degrees at any day. This is a highly favorable condition for surfing.

The best advantage of this characteristic of Hawaiian waters is that you don’t need to put on a wetsuit for keeping yourself warm. Wetsuits can be quite constricting for surfers.

5. Lots of Aloha

Surfers group in Hawaii

At Hawaii, you can find ample of the Aloha spirit! As you start with surfing as a beginner, you won’t find anyone giving any discouraging remarks or asking you to return to the shore. What you would find are lots of shakas and friendly smiles.

The surfing community in Hawaii is quite friendly with each other, and people are always ready to help whoever is in need. As long as someone smiles and is respectful, he/she will be welcomed with open arms.

While getting surfing lessons, learners are likely to make many friends!

6. Surfing Gives Adrenaline Rushes & is Challenging

Surfing in Hawaii

Similar to all nature-based activities and active sports, surfing gets your endorphins running. However, there are few activities that can equal the adrenaline rush resulting from catching a grand wave.

Besides being exciting, surfing is also challenging. While anyone can begin surfing mild waves with some guidance, after completing your first few surfing lessons, you need to face bigger challenges.

Aren’t these some great reasons to learn surfing in Hawaii?

Choose a reputed and reliable surf camp in Hawaii to start with your surf lessons. Wish you all the best to learn surfing!