Beginner and Intermediate Surf Spots in Ecuador

Surfing is a healthy and fun water sport that promotes an active lifestyle. Another great thing about surfing is the opportunity to feel closer to nature. Sounds like a win-win activity, don’t you think?

Ecuador has many beaches that feature quality surfing. With amazing waves and mild weather available all year round, it’s a surfer’s paradise. Reserve your slot on our upcoming Ecuador surf camp to experience this surfer’s wonderland.

Beginner Surf Spots in Ecuador

Surf spots ideal for beginners 

La Entrada 

La Entrada (meaning entrance) is located at the northern end of the long stretch of beach with Olon at the southern edge. The entrance on the other side of the mountain is Ayampe. La Entrada has a sandy and very flat beach which makes it good for swimming. It is known for its right and left beach breaks which are best for newbie surfers because of the sandy/safe bottom. Intermediate surfers looking for bigger waves may have to paddle for around 15 minutes since the waves pull you a bit. 


This quaint and relaxed town has a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach that extends to over 7.6 km. Its year-round temperate climate makes it a popular destination among locals and international travelers. It’s a piece of paradise where you can relax and feel rejuvenated. Like La Entrada, Olon is noted for its right and left beach breaks that are great for beginners. The combination of a long beach, warm water, and small but steady waves enable new surfers to learn and practice their new moves. 

Surf spots ideal for intermediate surfers


No worries if you have never surfed before or if you’re a newbie who is just learning how to surf. When you sign up for our surf camp in Ayampe, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Ayampe is nestled in the Baja Manabi region of Ecuador. It has impressive biodiversity and untouched beauty. 

This photo of Ayampe is courtesy of Tripadvisor

Our surf house is just a few steps from the ocean. Just imagine waking up to a beautiful day and enjoying a healthy breakfast. Then you put on your fit flops, grab your board, and walk towards the sound of crashing waves. Sounds like the holiday of your dreams, right? 

Ayampe is a dream come true for surfers because it produces beach break waves 300 days a year! This is a great place for all levels including newbies who are excited to learn how to surf. If you’re a beginner, we’ll take you out when the tide is low in the surf close to shore and observe your ability. We’ll equip you with surfing terms and phrases as well as surfboard types and uses. 

Next, we’ll go over the correct paddling techniques. Then we’ll teach you how to pop up and stand up on the board. Nothing will please us more than to see you steadily build your confidence on the board. As you get more comfortable and self-assured, we’ll help you learn how to choose and ride the right waves. The excitement increases as you grasp how to turn your board and maneuver it left and right.


Salinas is a nice and quiet coastal town in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador. It is known for its beautiful beaches, such as San Lorenzo and Chipipe, which are dotted with palm trees along the Malecón promenade. There is a good surf break for both beginners or intermediates at San Lorenzo. For the more experienced surfers looking for adrenaline action, you can check out La Loberia which offers world-class surfing conditions.   


This photo of Mompiche is courtesy of Tripadvisor

This surfing haven is noted for its 5-mile expanse of immaculate sands. Surf enthusiasts come here to take advantage of the left point break that rises into action in big NW swells. The area features great surf spots and has several beach break peaks to choose from. The northern area stretches from Bahia de Caraquez to Canoa and then north to the Mompiche area.  

This Ecuadorian gem has preserved its beauty and serenity despite the influences of the outside world. It’s an ideal go-to place to get some needed rest and relaxation because life is simple and slow. In between surfs, you can stroll along the beach, read a book under a palm tree, or take a nap in a hammock. What more can you ask for in an island vibe?


Montanita is becoming a popular party town among international backpackers and locals. The break attracts swells from the north and south and presents opportunities for rippable walls. In between surfs, you can go hiking on a small mountain and get rewarded by spectacular views of the blue ocean and the beach.

Ride the wave

They say surfing is not just a sport, but it’s a way of life. Surfing opens new doors to incredible places. It also widens your horizons by learning about new cultures and meeting new people. Surfing nurtures your body, stimulates the mind, and energizes your soul. This is how life is meant to be lived.