Top 10: Best Yoga Retreat Hawaii

Hawaiians have an ancient spiritual connection that endowing each island with immense energy and at the same time surrounding them with mysticism.

The scenic islands are just right to cultivate and enrich the latent inner spiritual energy and harness it further for immense personal growth and healing.

The transformational energies within can bring about tremendous effect with Yogic poses in a monsoon forest with hills like setting bring about a cascading chain of evolutionary changes.

Aware of this, more and more people are seeking out best Yoga retreat in Hawaii to move on to the life transformation path.

This has prompted several establishments as well as personal Yoga gurus to set up Yoga retreat on these islands for those looking to emerge transformed and rejuvenated from such an experience.

There are several retreat options that give true value for your money as you unwind and be witness to your inner transformation.

1.  7 Days of Yoga, Meditation & Crystal Bowls Retreat, Kauai, Hawaii

This Yoga retreat is held 4 times every year and open to all skill levels. It is ideal for all those who want to get a true experience of daily Yoga and meditation coupled with sound Alchemy.

7 days yoga, meditation in kauai

You will also get to learn about Hawaiian spirituality or the Huna teachings and the breath of ha and participate in the Heiaus sacred ceremony using authentic Hawaiian chants.

The retreat program includes also includes ample personal time for you to delve into such experience as well as wander around the lush green setting of the island. The highlights of the retreat program are

  • 5 yoga classes
  • 5 meditation sessions
  • 4 evenings of sacred sounds
  • Sacred ceremony at heiaus
  • Organic meals
  • 6-night accommodation

Yoga style followed for the retreat program in Kundalini.

Facilities available at the retreat center include dining area, kitchen, tennis court, garden, lounge and wi-fi.

Included in the retreat package are accommodation, meals, beach trips, and transportation to the place of retreat.

2. 6 Days of Hawaiian Adventure Yoga Holiday, Kauai, Hawaii

Held in the spectacular Kauai island of Hawaii, also called the “Garden Island” comprising of spectacular mountain spires, emerald green valleys and jagged cliffs aged by elements and time.

6 Days Hawaiian Adventure Yoga Holiday in Hawaii
image courtesy: www.photos.tpn.to

The retreat program comprises of 2-days of yoga classes with meditation sessions helping you go deep into yourself as far as possible. The highlights of the retreat include

  • 5-nights accommodation
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Hiking into sacred waterfalls
  • Sea kayaking into the sea caves
  • Experience stand up paddle-board yoga
  • Outrigger canoe paddling along the Nepali Coast

You will also get plenty of free time to explore the 50-acres of property gardens and engage into some deep soul-searching for a transformation from within.

Yoga style followed here is Hatha Yoga.

Facilities available are laundry, free parking, and free wi-fi.

3. 7 & 10 days Yoga & Surf Camp, Pata Sudaka, Oahu, Hawaii

Set amidst the green and blue of nature, the Yoga cum surf camp is more than a retreat. The package offered at Pata Sudaka helps build body core strength that allows you to better your posture, learn how to concentrate and be more agile.

Yoga in Oahu Hawaii

The Yoga sessions will help you focus on your mind and body helping you co-ordinate the two not just for surfing but in all that you do in life.

The highlights of the surf and Yoga camp at Pata Sudaka are

  • Daily Yoga sessions
  • Private surf lessons
  • On water sessions
  • Trailing and hiking sessions
  • Snorkeling, fishing and whale watching

Freestyle Yoga classes by experts, healthy meals prepared from local organic farms and fresh fish according to local recipes make the stay more exciting.

Accommodation will be provided at the private property of the company that is beachfront and offers a splendid view of the ocean. There is also free wi-fi, out door showers, airport and local transfers that are included in the package.

4. 7 Day of Transformational Kauai Yoga & Fitness Holiday, Kauai, Hawaii

It is a transformational retreat program aimed at helping you getting in touch with yourself by appreciate your body and find the joy within you.

yoga in kauai

An intimate and enjoyable experience for 7 full days, it is a time when you engage in some spiritual and physical exercises.

There are Yoga fitness classes that help you make the most of the guided adventures and enjoy your stay and experience on the island much like a local.

Highlights of the retreat include

  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily guided meditation sessions
  • Fitness group classes
  • Daily guided adventures
  • Opening and closing ceremonies

The Yoga style followed at the retreat is Anusara.

The program accommodates a maximum of 12 people in a group who can stay in a spacious private house on the Kauai North Shore in single, or shared rooms, meals, drinks, airport transfers and Yoga classes.

You can both relax and get some good adventure with this retreat program that includes hiking trails up to 4 miles.

The outdoor adventures are however optional and you can just engage in more soul searching and spiritual exercise and unwind completely.

Though the retreat is open to all levels from beginners to advanced, it is better to have some prior knowledge of Yoga.

5. Kirpal Mediation & Ecological Center (KMEC), Pahoa, Big Island Hawaii

The Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center offers Yoga retreat program in a spiritually stimulating environment for a lifetime experience.

The program begins with Yoga assessment and instruction. The sessions of exercises and meditation coupled with healthy meals made from locally sources organic produce are just perfect for the body-soul transformation experience.

The center has options of 5 days, 15 days and 8 days meditation and healing retreat programs.

The highlights include

  • Daily morning yoga practice
  • Yoga studio and meditation pavilion for personal practice
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Use of fully equipped kitchen
  • Fresh locally sourced organic meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Organic fruit orchard and vegetable garden

People with no Yoga experience and even those that have knowledge are equally welcome. The facilities include private cabin with kitchen and bath, simple private cabins and several other options.

To maintain the spirit of a true retreat televisions and phones are kept away.

Whether you wish to just close your eyes and remain peaceful or go deep into yourself, the Yoga retreats at the KMEC are perfect for all.

6. Mau Eco Retreat, Maui, Hawaii

Yoga Retreat in Maui Hawaii

A powerful and stirring Yoga retreat experience at the premier Mau Eco Retreat in Maui offers 5 days and 7 days of mediation and yoga exercises.

Set amidst lush natural surroundings, it is a time to reconnect with your inner self, relax and enjoy some blissful time. There are also hiking trails to some breathtaking waterfalls to energize you further.

You may also choose to sit back and soak in the peaceful ambience of the scenic island.

Retreat program highlights are

  • 5 yoga classes
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in a secluded oceanfront property

Yoga style followed here is Hatha Yoga.

Facilities offered at the center include dining area and kitchen. There are a variety of accommodation options that you can choose as per your preference or budget.

There are several additional programs offered to suit the needs of guests as per requirement. These include

  • Sound healing and chackra activation and balance
  • Self-discovery and self-mastery guidance and coaching
  • Reiki healing and energy work
  • Therapeutical massage
  • Ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi integrative healing massage sessions
  • Private guidance sessions and Qi Gong with Raphael
  • Guided land tours to enjoy tropical fruit picking, like papayas, guavas, coconuts, and visiting the vegetable garden and chickens
  • Guided full moon/new moon group meditations and fire ceremonies (upon availability)

7.  4 Day of Luxurious Yoga Retreat at Retreat Center, Kohala, Hawaii

A truly rejuvenating and luxurious Yoga retreat program on the Kohala Coast of Hawaii can be a life transforming experience. The sacredly serene ambience of the place sets the tone to the Yoga asana practice, meditation and pranayama sessions.

Yoga in Kohala Hawaii

Set in acres of garden space and surrounded by ancient trails, the setting is perfect to enter the spiritual realms and enter deep into yourself.

The program highlights are

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 2 daily yoga asana practices
  • Daily meditation and pranayama
  • Days scheduled according to Ayurvedic ideals
  • 25 hours of continuing education credit recognized by Yoga Alliance
  • Local excursions & hikes to secluded beaches & valleys and historical landmarks
  • 3 daily organic private chef prepared meals

People with no, little or experience in Yoga are welcome. The program follows the Hatha, Anusara, Vinyasa and Nidra styles of Yoga among others.

Facilities at the center include spa, hot tubs and Jacuzzi, laundry, dining area, library, parking, wi-fi and outdoor shower.

8. 5 Days Goddess Yoga Retreat in Oahu, Hawaii

An exclusive women’s Yoga retreat, to nurture your body, mind, it is designed to tone, and pamper you in every way. The perfect place to enjoy daily yoga sessions and fitness classes, wellness activities, to unwind, relax and get in touch with yourself.

Yoga retreat in Oahu

Plenty of time to yourself with gourmet healthy meals and spiritual awakening will make you glow from inside and out celebrating and bringing out the goddess in you.

The retreat highlights are

  • 4 nights of accommodation
  • Daily meditation, pranayama & journaling
  • Morning yoga practice
  • Evening meditation & activities
  • Evening Shakti flow & fitness practice
  • Free 90-minute spa-service massage
  • Transportation to optional beach excursion
  • Gourmet brunch with mimosas, dinner & dessert

Yoga styles followed here are Vinyasa and Hatha that is open to all levels of Yoga enthusiasts.

9. 4,6 & 8 days of Sound Healing & Yoga Holiday, Maui, Hawaii

This North Shore Maui Mystical Alchemy offers a transformative Yoga retreat experience in stunning natural surroundings.

Yoga in Maui

A variety of Yoga types coupled with sound healing time and meals to detox the system, it is promises to be a body and soul transformation time.

Mornings are dedicated to the sessions and afternoons are left free for massage or nature excursions. Rooms in the center are in a tropical jungle setting with waterfall and trees around making the soul-stirring experience a turning point in your life.

Program highlights are

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Welcoming intention and sound healing ceremony
  • Daily 2-hour yoga classes
  • Aerial yoga and sound healing session
  • 1 transformational healing session
  • New and full moon ceremonies (if they correspond with your retreat dates)
  • 1 compassionate communication or life coach session
  • Cleanse or vegetarian meal program

The retreat follows three styles of Yoga – Hatha, Kundalini and Aerial.

The facilities available at this Yoga retreat include sauna, lounge, kitchen, garden, free wi-fi, library and outdoor shower.

10. 16-Days 200-Hour Yoga Immersion Teacher Training Course in Hawaii

Yoga Teacher Training Course

More than just a Yoga retreat, this training program is an opportunity for those of you that wish to gain advanced knowledge of Yoga to become a professional trainer.

The program is based on the philosophy that life is an action of love and that each individual is here to play out her or his.

It is the Vinyasa style of aligning the self with the different sources and channels making it effective and sustainable.

The sessions blend in the free flow of the spinal waves transiting to the clear wisdom of how joints align optimally moving on to core strength.

Training highlights are

  • 2 yoga classes per day
  • 16 days of practice
  • Mantra, group discussion, and partner work
  • Daily guided meditation session
  • Special Maui nature adventure
  • Airport transfers
  • 15 nights accommodation

The program is aimed at certifying those that complete the training sessions and make them eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).

The smooth flow and transition is your willingness to live a daily balanced life harmonizing the body and its structure with the unbounded spirit around.

Following the Vinyasa sacred geometry of the body and incorporating the Anusara style helps facilitate the core-center flow and keep the body strong and fluid keeping the mind at easy allowing it to be joyous and positively creative.

Daily schedules begin at 6.30 am and end at 10.30 pm with 2 – 3 hours of homework included