5 Clothes You Must Wear While Surfing In Hawaii Or Anywhere

Whether you are attending Yoga sessions or out there for a great surfing experience, wearing the right clothes are a must to get the maximum out of it all!

Clothes are important at any event and water sports are no exceptions. When in the waters, you need specially tailored clothes that will minimize the resistance against the fluid. Loose-fitting and large clothes will increase your volume and body weight making it more difficult as they increase the resistance.

Surfing is extremely special and you surely need the right surfing clothes to give you the kind of experience that you are looking for. Here are the top 5 tips to choose clothes to wear while surfing!

For cold surfing conditions

1. When on a holiday, you may wish to join a surfing training camp in any part of the world. There are plenty of beaches with wonderful waves breaking in where the temperature is cool. You have to feel comfortable bodily to be able to enjoy the sport to the fullest. But at the same time the clothes should not be clumsy.

So, opting for a neoprene vest in windy conditions is the best option. This way you can avoid wearing a full wet suit. The other option is to go for a short john that imitates the look of a swim trunk and a sleeveless top.

For warm climatic places

2. Whatever be the weather condition, flexibility and mobility should be the priorities when choosing surfing clothes. For warm tropical places like Hawaii, you are sure to be comfortable in swimming trunks and complementing tops for women.

3. But in such conditions make sure that you choose a good sunscreen to prevent your skin from bearing the burnt. There are also protective headgears that can help keep the direct sunlight from blazing on your head.

Protective gears in any weather conditions

4. You are looking forward to a great surfing holiday and wouldn’t want to spoil it by taking on any injuries due to any condition. Sea means sand and these are likely to give you rashes and abrasions.

Designer rash guards are available in the market that you should be wearing especially if you have sensitive skin. With rashes all over, you will not be able to enjoy your surfing and end up in with hurtful condition. Almost all surfing accessories’ shops have these guards and it is surely a good investment to make. Rash guards have ultraviolet protection factor in them that give you the benefit of a sunscreen.