Epic Hawaii Waterfalls Which You Can’t Miss!

The mesmerizing islands of Hawaii are home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls and cascades. These natural marvels can give you the feel of being in seventh heaven, bringing alive your vacation.

The best part? You can witness twin to multi-tiered cascades and they look absolutely fabulous when framed in with lush green valleys, exotic botanical gardens, volcanic mountains and tropical forests. We have put together a list of 7 spectacular cascades in Hawaii that will enchant any onlooker.


  1. Wailua Falls, Kauai

One of the popular waterfalls in Hawaii, Wailua falls is situated in Kauai islands. The 173-foot gigantic waterfall is so spectacular that it will transport you to a land of mystery and fantasy.

The popularity of the fall is evident from the fact that every visitor includes it in their itinerary. The most wonderful aspect of the cascade is that two parallel tiers of waterfall and pour down into the Wailua river.

  1. Waimea Falls, Oahu

waimea fall

The whole experience of observing Waimea Falls in Oahu at Hawaii is unexplainable. You have to see it to believe it. To see this cascading Hawaii waterfalls Oahu, adventure enthusiasts have to climb a cliff on their trail propelling them to push their limits.

  1. Honokohau Islands, MauiBeautiful Honokohau Islands

Plunging from an elevation of 119 feet, the double tier cascade situated in Honokohau Islands will blow your mind away stimulating an ecstatic feel. The Honokohau Islands waterfall in Maui is one of the tallest regions. You can choose to drive a car or hike around, or simply rent a helicopter to explore the aerial views of the stunning waterfall.

  1. Kapena Falls, Oahu

The splendid Kapena Falls in Oahu islands never fails to captivate the visitors. Embraced by large leaves, creepers, and boulders, the trail towards the cascade, the amazing path prepares visitors for the wonderful sight.  A visit to the fall can be described as the ideal nature trip that is apt for hiking and birding.

 More good news for adventure lovers. You can find a cliff-jumping spot ascending at the top of the waterfall. From here, you can drop to a plunge pool situated underneath.

  1. Onomea Falls, Big Island

One of the best and endearing Hawaii waterfalls Big Island is Onomea falls. To be able to reach to this masterpiece, you will stumble upon Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on the trail. The gorgeous cascading waterfall endowed with multiple small tiers looks spectacular from every angle.

  1. Lulumahu Falls, Oahu

Lulumahu Falls in Oahu is magical in every sense. The hiking trail towards it is little erosive as you have to cross a dense bamboo forest, streams, and massive rocks. The waterfall can be best visited during the dry and sunny season. However, if it rains you must avoid visiting it because the hiking trail becomes muddy.

  1. Rainbow Falls, Hawaiiamazing rainbow fall

Next in the countdown comes, rainbow falls Hawaii. It is 80ft tall and 100ft in diameter. There is a lava cave through which the fall flows over. The cave is a home to Hawaiian mythological deity Hina.

Which of the above exotic waterfall you are planning to include in your bucket list for your next trip to Hawaii? Share us your comments and feedback in the box given below.