Effective Top 10 Exercises That Will Improve Your Surfing

Surfing as water-sports demands physical fitness that can help you enjoy it better and for longer!

It is no rocket science secret that you will perform better on the water boards when your muscles have the needed flexibility to maneuver the waves with dexterity.

Though surfing by itself offers great health benefits, taking up complementing exercises helps you instill stability of postures thus improving balance and muscle power. As a surfer, you will have to use your entire body as a single unit. You can do only when the muscles of the upper and lower body complement each with total flexibility and mobility.

Cross-training is important

A well-designed surfing program at camps held at the beach resorts usually have cross-training sessions as part of their package.

These can comprise of Yoga sessions that help improve posture and increase concentration and/or regular exercises. Whatever the specifications, the aim is to provide a holistic preparation for learning how to surf faster and also better.

Whether you are participating in a surfing training camp or hit the gym to get yourself in shape for a good surfing stint.

10 Effective Exercises to Enhance your Surfing Skills

1. An elementary exercise to increase flexibility and foot placement is the Knee tuck. Doing this will help you in the initial stages of surfing being able to pop up the board better. Place yourself in the plank position and bring one knee close to the chest and hold for a few seconds. Return to the initial position and repeat with the other leg.

2. Increasing your core strength helps to stabilize and balance your body better. Get yourself to do the Single-leg Squat.

Stand on a single leg, hold on to something for support if necessary and squat as low as you can. You will be able to maneuver the board even if thrown off-balance.

3. You can imitate the padding movements by engaging your triceps and biceps in exercise movements. The muscles learn how to maintain pressure and handle contractions while the foot movement stabilizes too. Get yourself to do the Standing pull by standing with feet at shoulder width and knees slightly bent with the legs forward and backward. Hold the resistance chord and pull it down as far as you can moving the body in a forward lunge position.

4. Push-ups are great as cardiovascular exercises and also help strengthen the arms’ muscles. They help open up the chest and increase your stamina that is a must if you wish to enjoy long sessions of surfing.

Begin with push-ups supporting yourself on dumbbells and then raise up one hand with the dumbbell bringing it up close to the chest. Repeat with the other hand.

5. It is important to master padding and you need to hold your chest off the surfing board for it. Build strong lower back, neck, and shoulders with the simple yet amazingly effective swiss ball dumbbell back extension exercise.

Lie face down on a Swiss ball holding dumbbells in your hands. Extend the arms straight to the shoulder level and bring them back to the ground level. Feel the stress in your back and shoulders and strengthen them.

6. Turning on the surfing board as you move on the waters is a must as you ride the big waves and move over them unfaltering.

Exercising with a Swiss ball and a dumbbell in combination provides a great solution. Lie with your back on a Swiss ball holding dumbbells in both your hands.

Move your torso to one side as far as you can and return. Repeat on the other side.

7. Increasing your mobility and flexibility for surfing includes exercising your lower back muscles. When padding you need strong lower muscles and body balance.

Core strengthening Prone Swimming exercises help you attain just that. Lie on the floor with face down and extend your arms and legs to the maximum possible.

Raise both pairs off the ground and holding the legs in the elevated position, bring your hands to your sides as in a breaststroke.

8. Increase your overall body balance by strengthening the hamstrings, shoulders, and abdominals. Padding and turning become easier when you practice the Swiss Ball Jackknife.

Place yourself in a push-up position with your shins on a Swiss ball with the torso in a straight line. Draw the knees towards the chest by rolling the ball forward.

9. Another exercise that improves body turning is the Drop knee Pivot. It involves full-body movement engaging almost every torso muscle from the head to the hips.

Place yourself with legs slightly apart holding a resistance band in front of the chest. Rotate your body towards the anchor point and then balance yourself on one knee with the other leg in a squat position.

10. Overall core strength, increased lungs capacity and well-toned muscles are the keys to an improved surfing experience. Do not miss out on the Overhead press with weight.

Hold dumbbells with your arms at right-angle and raise one hand straight over the head. Bring it back to the initial position and repeat with the other arm.

Now that you are toned up for a great surfing holiday, get into the right surfing clothes and ride the waters to glory!!!