How To pop up on a surf board perfectly?

If you are a novice in the sport of surfing, then mastering the popup techniques will help you become adept. It is one of the vital things you need to learn to get the right balance and catch the waves perfectly. As a beginner, you can start practicing popping up on the floor to prepare your muscles and build arm strength. Wrong techniques will mar your pleasure and decrease the longevity of your ride. We have put together some vital tips that are essential to pop up on a surfboard perfectly.

But when you are on the surfboard, it’s a different story altogether. You need to get acquainted with all the popup techniques as there is no room for error.

pop up on surfboard

Develop the right stance

 First, figure out your preferable stance. Standing sideways on the surfboard with the right foot at the back or the left foot at the back is the right posture. While doing that, make sure your upper body is at the center with your hips placed over your feet.

The distance between the legs and shoulders should be width apart. By doing this, you will be able to put more weight to one foot and use the other foot to keep the surfboard in a flat position.

The arms should be spread out that will help you to keep balance and give direction to your surfboard in the water.

Make sure you look forward to maintain balance and stability when riding on the surfboard. On the other hand, the feet must be placed parallel in the middle of the board. Keeping the feet wider apart will help you be more balanced on the board and get more control over it.

When turning lean on your back foot. It will also help you to slow down your speed. Opt for surf camp Hawaii to master the proper popup stances.


Become familiar with the right position

 When lying on your surfboard, position is an important thing. Hence, put more load on the front. It will help you increase your speed and get the right momentum when riding and catching the waves. Such a position will also facilitate you to opt for nose-diving.

When maneuvering a turn, more weight should be put at the back. However, you should avoid putting excessive pressure because that will make catching waves a difficult task.

The sweet spot of the surfboard is in the middle. Lying here will help to paddle efficiently and get the desired speed without shifting or making a move. Hawaii Surf Camp will help you to get proper training on popup techniques.

Follow the above-mentioned valuable popup tips and make surfing an exhilarating experience.