Going On Hawaiian Adventure: Everything You Need to Know

The Hawaiian wonder Islands form an archipelago of some of the most beautiful places that are remotely tucked away in the Pacific Ocean. The volcanic islands located in the central Pacific Ocean are most remote populated islands of the world.

It is more than 2,300 miles from the USA, 3,850 miles from Japan, 4900 miles from China and at least 5,280 miles from the Philippines.

The islands together form the state of Hawaii that derives its name from the largest island in the group. The capital Honolulu is located on the Oahu island in the north.

The most well-known islands from north to south are Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui & Hawaii.

From the hustle and bustle of the capital city, to romance in the scenic islands and trails on some off-beaten tracks, it is never enough to explore Hawaii at one go.

But surely you have to begin somewhere and the best way to start your experience of the island is on the beaches. Move on to the lush green valleys and indulge in the myriad of outdoor activities.

You can go swimming at night with the manta rays or opt for a walk the lunar landscape in the Garden of the Gods. Go surfing or hiking, skydiving or engage in whale watching apart from taking part in paddle sports or taking helicopter tours.

Get an experience of a lifetime as you float down the tunnels on the old sugar plantations.

Which Hawaii island to visit?


Kauai Island In Hawaii

Lush green landscape and blissful stretches of beaches mark this Hawaiian island. Kaua‘i is known for its pristine beauty and stunning scenery giving it the nickname of ‘The Garden Isle.’

Even the few roads of the island have green canopies that barely lets you feel that you are traveling through a human-built path. Long stretches of sandy beaches, coral reefs and the sheer sea cliffs are frames to the majestic mountains.

The idyllic setting is just perfect for the slow-paced flow of life.

You can choose to embark on a boat or kayak tour, go on a difficult trail hike along the Kalalau Trail to the Na Pali Coast or just take a helicopter ride to enjoy it all.

With no motorable way and the only access to this oceanfront haven being the navigable rivers, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience as you paddle the Wailua River.

Hike the geological marvel of the Waimea Canyon and take a look at the abundant wildlife at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

Go swimming and snorkelling on Poipu Beach and make sure to photoshoot at Spouting Horn for the complete adventure.

The Koloa Heritage Trail of Kauai has 14 historical stops along its south shore. Kilohana Plantation Estate, the Kamokila Hawaiian Village that is a recreated traditional Hawaiian hamlet are not-to-miss spots.

To get the touch and feel of town life in Kauai, visit Hanapepe, the art capital of the island and stroll the galleries on a Friday. The Old Koloa Town will give you a glimpse into the history of the sugarcane industry of the island.

Take a drive on the eucalyptus tree tunnel, visit the antique Wai’oli Hui’ia Church and the 1837 Waioli Mission House. Give yourself the treat of the Kauai grass-fed beef burger and some cool local ice.


Oahu Island in Hawaii

The island has earned the name and the fame of being ‘The Gathering Place’ and this is not without reasons. Oahu has the largest population and also the most vibrant nightlife among all the Hawaiian Islands.

It is also the surfing mecca of the world especially, the north shore. The island is also witness to events that have had profound influence on history at the Pearl Harbor and the Iolani Palace.

Oahu is known to be the outcome of a single ‘hot spot’ in the mantle of the earth. Millions of years of drifting of the earth’s crust to the northwest across the ‘hot spot’ gave rise to each of the islands.

The bulk of the island was created by the emissions of the now two extinct volcanoes in the Koʻolau and Waiʻanae mountain ranges that run parallel to each other along the eastern and western coasts today.

The east side of the island as with the rest of the islands is wetter and the western leeward drier as the rain clouds leave the water here before moving on to the west.

From ancient stone temples (heiau) to the 21st-Century high-rises, Oahu will amaze you with its endless contrasts. Its northern beaches are legendary surfing spots where as Makaha Beach has a relaxed and laidback atmosphere.

There is something for everyone on Oahu – snorkeling to boat trips, skydiving and parasailing to helicopter tours. Its pleasant weather all-year round makes it perfect for any land, water or air activity that you wish to enjoy or simply lie on the golden beach savoring it all.


Molokai Island in Hawaii

This is a typically laid-back island with a signboard right outside the airport asking you to ‘slow down.’ The island is for those of you that are out to savor the taste of true Hawaii culture – informal, warm, relaxed and slow-paced.

The island was not developed with exciting tourism in mind. But the very fact that it was given to retain its primordial look with pristine greenery and quietude all around is the reason that people want to be there.

You will get an idea of how the primordial-feel of Molokai has been preserved from the fact that the airport has only 3 gates and no stoplights anywhere on the island. The tallest building here happens to be shorter than a grown-up palm tree.

If you happen to be on the island for two days or more, you will start recognizing people on the streets. Molokai offers you the true island escape in the true sense of the word.

The string of empty white sand beaches is the most alluring part of this quaint island. Move around on foot to explore and find these amazing beaches and cast away your cares to soak in the abundant gift of nature.

Make Horse, Kawakiu, Hale o Lono and Hawela beaches are options that you must explore. Visit the 3-miles long white sand Papohaku Beach that faces the west perfectly and offers an explosive sunset scene followed by unique shows of the stars in the sky each night.

The far-away glimmer of Honolulu from the place will remind you of what a blissful vacation you’ve chosen far away from the humdrum.

When in Molokai, you must visit the secluded peninsula of Kalaupapa. It used to be a leprosy settlement when the disease was incurable. Today, there are guided tours of this somber but scenic place that you can reach hiking or on mule back.

The trails unfold panoramic views of a 1,700 drop with more than 26 switch-backing turns. Then there is the Molokai Forest Reserve that is a wealth of the local flora and fauna. Explore the south shore reef taking a guided standup paddle or kayak tour along the mangroves and fishponds. Get the experience of a lifetime cruising by the tallest sea cliffs of the world as you spot the Humpback whales.

Hawala Valley to the east of the island is known to be the oldest and continually habituated human settlement. Take a guided tour and swim at the base of the Mo’oula Falls.

The Halawa Valley was once home to hundreds of sacred taro patches. Trail past these ancient temples leading to the waterfalls and their pounding swimmable pools.

Live music at the oceanfront Hotel Molokai will let you delve in to the local culture and savor it too! Perhaps the most interesting part of your stay on the island will be when you visit the ‘Hot Bread Lane’ – a dimly lit Kainakakai alley that makes the best loaves in all types of flavors.


Lanai Island in Hawaii

The smallest of all inhabited islands, Lanai is an escape to unimaginable peace and tranquility. While the luxurious resorts provide world-class amenities going up to championship level golf, you can get the true feel of the island while on its rugged roads.

What used to be an island-wide pineapple plantation now also offers lavish stay with boutique shops in the central town of Lanai City.

The historic Dole Park that is now an eclectic collection of galleries, cafes and boutiques used to be the homes of Dole plantation employees.

Explore the island in parts stepping out of the resorts and savor every bit that the nature has built. Enjoy the rustic look and feel of Central Lanai as you visit the Palawai Basin, hike the 12.8-miles long Munro Trail leading to Lanaihale, the island’s highest peak.

Move to the northern part of the island and discover the natural preserves of rugged and stunning beaches.

Visit the Kaiolohia shipwreck beach that is half an hour drive from Lanai City, move to the largest remnant of the lama dry land forest in Hawaii at the Kanepuu Reserve and marvel at the fascinating rock garden on Polihua Road.

The secluded sands of the Polihua Beach are just perfect for that off-beat-path getaway.

The southern part of the island blends tranquility with luxury with its marine life reserves. Puu Pehe is a landmark to visit rising between two bays and rises 80 feet out of the water and is steeped in Hawaiian folklore.

Kaunolu, King Kamehameha’s summer fishing retreat and Kaumalapau Harbor are other spots where you can witness incredible natural beauty especially sunsets. An exquisite resort fronts the Hulopoe Beach with full-service for those that can shell it out.

The best part of the island of course is its 18 miles of coastline that is dotted with pristine beaches to laze and soak in the natural vista of blue skies meeting the waters with the soft white sand as a frame.

Don’t miss out exploring the inlands of Lanai on a horseback amid the trails and the pine trees. Make sure to make it to the Garden of the Gods formed by the red dirt emitted by the volcanoes.

It was once the open-air prison for women that also overlooks the Molokai island. Climb to the highest point and feel yourself floating on the little Hawaiian island in the huge expanse of the Pacific.


Maui Island in Hwaii

Maui is the fun-filled activity island where you will have plenty to do. The dream island with its gorgeous beaches, winding roads, undulating landscape, charming towns and picture-postcard waterfalls has much to offer.

Ho’okipa Beach on the north shore is idea for those that wish to go for windsurfing or watch the action go by. Makena Beach or the Big Beach in the south allures with its long and wide shoreline.

The Ka’anapali Beach in the west is the spot that is most popular with tourists especially those with families being close to shopping centers and dining places.

If you are looking for an unusual and colorful beach, head to the east of Maui to the Black Sand Beach Wai’anapanapa, the gray beach of the crescent-shaped Hamoa or the Red Sand Beach of Kaihalulu.

When on the island make the best of it by using a three-day pass to explore the spectacular Haleakalā National Park. There is so much to do here – capture the picture-perfect sunrise at the Visitor Center and hike on to the tallest peak of the island.

The Pipiwai Trail in itself is something that offers a range of experiences with its massive banyan tree, the eerie bamboo forest and the Makahiku and Waimoku Falls.

The tired-falls of the Pools of Oheo and the Haleakalā Crater are unmissable spots that will give you a peak into the handiwork of nature.

Visit the Iao Valley State Park in central Maui and click pictures of the 366-meter Iao Needle that will take you back in time to the historic battle of 1790.

While travelling the length and breadth of the island, stopover to take some shots at the unbelievable labyrinth of hairpin turns along Hana Highway.

If you are looking for some great shopping and dining experiences while enjoying a good Hawaiian nightlife, you won’t be disappointed.

Go to the historic town of Paia, eat shop and dine. When its dark, its time to head to Lāhainā to stroll the bars on Front Street and sip a drink.


Hawaii Island

The Big Island is still growing in size thanks to the active Kilauea volcano which is also the main attraction of the island. With the volcano continually erupting, you may be lucky enough to watch the lava enter the ocean.

The main island of Hawaii is the size of all the other islands combined giving it the name of the Big Island. The most amazing part of being on Hawaii Island is that you can travel through most of the different climate zones except for 4 of them.

Its time for you to experience traveling through the Polar Tundra and also the Wet Tropical zone while being on the same island. This happens due to the elevation of the massive volcanoes Maunakea and Maunaloa and their shielding effect.

You will enjoy the diverse landscape that it presents from the lush jungles to the barren grasslands, the snow-capped mountains to its extending lava fields. The spot is also a great place for bird watching.

There is so much to do from hiking up to a recent lava flow to horse riding to the magnificent Waipio Valley.

Move from the snow-capped heights of the Maunakea to the lush valleys of the Hamakua and Hilo and the jet-black sands of the Punaluu Beach to savor the unrivaled power of nature at its best!

Hawaii has an assortment of world-class resorts on the Kohala or the Gold Coast. There are also plenty of condos around the island as well as Bed and Breakfast especially near Kilauea.

Drive along the Hamakua Coast and explore its hidden gems of splendid waterfalls, black sand beaches and taro farms. Puna is the place that will satiate your desire to see lava in action forming molds and trees and swim in the volcanically heated tide pools.

If you are looking for some good life in Hawaii, Kona and Kohala are the places to head to. Kona has an abundance of resorts and blue water and some fascinating historical landmarks. Kohala is the Golf Capital of Hawaii with the many courses along the coast.

Best Hawaiian Island

Each of the Hawaiian Islands are different from the other and makes unique offerings. It often becomes difficult to choose an island especially on your first trip to Hawaii.

Moving from one island to the other is like moving from one world to the other with new experiences, sights and attractions.

There is so much to feel and explore – get swept away by the high-octane energy of O’ahu, the capital island, enjoy the beach experience on Maui, marvel at the ancient high cliffs off Kaua’I, enjoy a luxury escape on Lana’i or emerge yourself in a blissful rural experience on Moloka’i. There is something for everyone on the Hawaiian Islands!

O’ahu is best for those that wish to enjoy a beach holiday amidst local culture and good food. The Gathering Place is home to three-quarters of Hawaiians rubbing elbows on sidewalks and public transports.

You can feel the pulse of multiracial Hawaii at its best embracing the 21st century modernism to the hilt. Miles of beaches with forest trails are however only a short drive away from the capital city Honolulu and its hustle-bustle.

Maui is for those of you that are looking for a beach holiday complemented by hiking and of course good food. The mecca of surfing replete with snorkeling coves, this wind-whipped island sees the biggest surfable waves.

You will love the hiking trails through the bamboo forests past the waterfalls and the volcanic national park. Local chefs come up with some amazing culinary creations too.

Lana’i offers a great isolated holiday with the pleasure of the subtropical climate with its great beaches also laced with history. Given that almost the entire island was a pineapple plantation the town of Lana’i still retains its timelessness. The crescent-shaped Hulupo’e Beach is a big draw for all.

Moloka’i is for those that are really looking for an escape from the rest of the world to holiday in seclusion with a touch of adventure. It is for those of you that wish to enjoy the aloha spirit among indigenous people.

The historical Kalaupapa Peninsula and its leprosy camp form a somber backdrop along with the trail of the ancient temples.

Kaua’i is suited for those of you that are looking for a lifestyle beach holiday in the midst of picturesque landscape. From the sunny Po’ipu with its picture-postcard beaches to the rugged canyons and cliffs and the north shore, there is much to be excited about while on holiday on Kaua’i.

Hawai’i / Big Island brings you a holiday with big bang! Active volcanoes, hikes and trails, beaches and marine life exploration apart from the cultural absorption will make your holidays a colorful experience to remember.

Enjoy with your families or troop out with your friends to make the best of your time on the Big Island.

Which Hawaiian island is best for honeymoon?

Each island of Hawaii has its distinct personality and choosing one for your honeymoon will depend on what complements yours!

Oahu is the perfect blend of the beach with the city with its upscale and full-service resorts. You may like to walk down the Waikiki Beach for the total experience.

Kauai is for those that would love to spend a honeymoon in the midst of veritable splendor of nature exploring trails or sailing near the island.

Lana’i is a single-resort paradise that offers ultimate privacy to those that wish to enjoy total privacy during the honeymoon period with the occasional horseback ride, golfing and a visit to the Garden of Gods.

Moloka’i has limited accommodation and dining options and is only for those that are willing to spend the honeymoon among the local people and their culture on this irresistibly beautiful island.

Maui is meant for honeymoon couples that wish to spend a lot of time in the waters surfing, snorkeling, sailing and more.

Big Island / Hawaii is the honeymoon destination of exotic sights and created comforts. There is plenty to do here and at the same time several accommodation options to retain your privacy.

The best beaches in Hawaii

It sure seems a tough choice when it comes to selecting the best beach from the collection of some of the most exotic beaches in the world when in Hawaii.

Apart from the fact that they come in all types of shapes and sizes, they are also large expanses of calm and serene places that are just so perfect for honeymooning couples or those that want an escape holiday to solitude.

Some others are abuzz with a host of water activities, hiking trails or visiting famous spots.

The best beach in Hawaii for you is the one that fully complements your specific holiday goal!

Beaches in Oahu

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

The crescent-shaped golden stretch of sand has been on the tourist radar since the early 1900s. The beach has relatively more people and is full of fun where locals and tourists mingle freely and gorge on the famous mai tai. It’s the touristy beach with loads of fun.

Ko Olina Beach

Ko Olina Beach in Hawaii

The beach has shallow and clear blur water that is just right for kids to splash around. The Disney Resort & Spa along the beach is just right for a themed holiday for the kids.

Waimea Bay Beach Park

Waimea Bay Beach Park

It’s among the most dramatic beaches along the north shore with its big-waves making it a surfing hotspot. November through February sees a swell in the pro riders.

This beach along with the Sunset Beach and the Ehukai Beach play host to some of the top Hawaii surf competitions. Surely a beach for the watersport lovers.

Beaches in Kauai

Polihale State Park

Polihale State Park in Hawaii

A quiet and ethereal stretch on the windswept western shore of Kauai, it is reachable only after a bumpy ride over some rough patches and sand dunes.

With limited shade and camping allowed on permit, it’s the beach for the adventurous seeking out stunning beaches with great views of the Napali cliff.

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei is really several beach parks that are rolled into one magnificent two-mile swath along Kauai’s north shore. Backed by 4,000-feet emerald mountains, the waves attract the surfing crowds in winter and the summers are good for tranquil swimming. A beach for a sporty holiday with a beautiful backdrop.

Poipu Beach Park

Poipu Beach Park

More of a family beach park, it is formed of 3 lovely crescents. It is the epicenter of Kauai and a good place for beginner swimmers.

With lifeguard 7-days a week, it is ideal for a family holiday with so much to do from swimming to snorkeling or just splashing around.

Kalapaki Beach

Kalapaki Beach

Great for all ages, it offers a host of activity options from surfing to boogie boarding, sailing, canoeing or even beach volleyball. With several sea-facing restaurants you won’t be famished after a good sporty day!

Beaches in Lanai

Polihua Beach

Polihua Beach in Hawaii

Unsuitable for swimming due to strong currents, this northeastern Lanai beach is perfect for those that wish to take long stroll on the beach in privacy spotting the occasional humpback whales in winter and the green sea turtles all year-round.

A beach for spending time in seclusion.

Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach in Hawaii

The highly popular beach has a host of impressive resorts and cobalt-green waters, the beach is great for everyone. Celebrities to commoners, all enjoy life on the Wailea beach. A safe bet for a good beach holiday.

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay in Hawaii

An extremely popular beach, it is known for swimming, SUP-boarding, boogie boarding and kayaking. The reefs are great for snorkeling to spot parrot fish and turtles.

The jogging track from Kapalua Bay to the Fleming Beach Park is also a big draw for those that wish to enjoy some fresh activities during their beach holiday.

Beaches in Big Island/Hawaii

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach in Hawaii

The half-mile white sand stretch of the Hapuna beach along the Kona-Kohala coast is a great spot for those holidaying with families especially with the year-round lifeguard. Even locals love this as a picnic spot.

Kauna’oa (Mauna Kea) Beach

Housing a famous resort, the beach is known for its pristine beauty and abundance of marine life thriving in the gentle waves with the occasional manta ray. It is a place to spend an ideal laidback beach holiday.

Which Hawaii island is best for families?

Hawaii is much more than just a tropical getaway or a honeymoon spot. The pristine beauty of the islands makes them great for a wonderful family holiday in the Pacific. The following guide should help you pick the island that you should head for your next holiday.


If you are looking for that classical Hawaiian family holiday, Oahu is the island to head for. You and your family will remain busy all through the day and night with a host of watersport activities like world-class surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and more.

At night you can hit the dance floor to enjoy the rhythmic nightlife on the island. Hire a car and head for the isle from Honolulu to Kaneohe or the North Shore for a wonderful holiday experience.


For a family looking to enjoy a beach holiday on the off-the-beat path, Maui is the best option. There are plenty of fun activities for tourists and also rural getaways for a rustic holiday feel.

While you can enjoy the spectacular sunset across the azure-blue waters, others can engage in whale watching and enjoy roaming the Lahaina Town.


Also known as the “Garden Isle,” this historic island is covered by lush green tropical rainforest, trails, cliffs and canyons. Its just perfect for the family that is looking for a holiday on the island that is more than just the great beaches.

Of course, when it comes to the beaches, its Poipu is known to be voted the best in America.


If you and your family want to wish a beach holiday like a Hawaiian local, Molokai is the island to head to. The population is native Hawaiian that have worked to preserve the unspoiled feel of the island.

It is the place where you can get the glimpse into true Hawaiian day-to-day life especially in Kaunakakai.

Explore the harbor,go to the Kumu farms, the Molokai Plumeria and the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove for unique experiences on this Hawaiian island.


This is the tiny island that offers the true vacation mood away from the maddening crowd with plenty to do yet less tourist flow giving you an intimate feel with your family.

You can get a splendid glimpse of the natural beauty of the island with its beaches when you go up the Munro Trail on a 4-wheeler.

Apart from water activities there is scope for golfing too. Shop, dine and explore the island during your less crowded beach holiday on Lanai.

Big Island

If you wish to give your family a holiday where they can experience a range of climates and landscapes, head to the Big Island or Hawaii Island.

You will get the full range of all that Hawaii has to offer from the shimmering white sand beaches to the frosted mountain tips.

Enjoy the brewed coffee from the local plantation, take a spectacular drive with your family covering 11 climatic zones, drive down to the Hamakua Coast for the splendid view of the waterfalls and check out on the active volcanoes at the National Park.

All this apart from the irresistible beach sports and activities.

No matter which island you choose according to your family holiday objective, you are sure to be welcomed by the Aloha spirit everywhere.

What is the best time to visit Hawaii?

Planning a holiday means that you take into account the weather and also the flow of tourists at that time. Are you or your family comfortable with high-season crowds?

Do you wish to enjoy certain activities that are bound by the seasons? Or, are you making a return visit to Hawaii and wish to explore more/

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, dry season in Hawaii lasts April through October and the rains last November through March.

The dry season surely sounds more appealing but you must be prepared for at least some amount of heat and humidity under the sun. On the whole, the weather is incredibly pleasant all through the year.

If you wish to catch up with the world-famous surfing in Hawaii, the best time to visit is between November and January when most competitions are held.

But if you wish to avoid the crowded beaches and yet enjoy surfing, then you can opt for the late summer time when the crowd is yet to swell up on the Oahu north shores. It is surely the best time to enjoy with your family on the beaches.

Accommodation and flight fares go up during the high-season between December and April tend to be high.

If this is the season when you wish to holiday, make sure you make booking much in advance to avoid any disappointments. In fact, this is the time when you can spot the humpback whales!

Local festivals are held all through the year and its best to search for what’s happening when to look for what interests you and plan accordingly. Whatever time you may choose, make sure that you imbibe the local spirit for a great holiday experience in Hawaii.

Best Places to stay in Hawaii

To help you choose an accommodation as per your taste and budget, we are giving you the list of all known places on the different Hawaiian Islands.

On the Big Island / Hawaii to see active volcanoes

Luxury Hotels in “Big Island” Hawaii:
Hawaii Island Retreat at Ahu Pohaku Ho`omaluhia
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay
Volcano Mist Cottage
Holualoa Inn

Mid-Range Hotels in “Big Island” Hawaii:
Lava Lodge at Volcano Village
Wyndham Mauna Loa Village
Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
Volcano House
Chalet Kilauea

Family Friendly Hotels in “Big Island” Hawaii:
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
Kings’ Land by Hilton Grand Vacations
Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort
Royal Kona Resort
Hilo Seaside Hotel

Budget Hotels:
Uncle Billy’s Kona Bay Hotel
Volcano Hale

Cheapest Hostels:
Wild Ginger Inn Hotel & Hostel
Hilo Bay Hostel
Shaka Shak Studios

On Maui – the best island for the first-time visit

Luxury Hotels in Maui Hawaii:
Grand Wailea – A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Andaz Maui At Wailea Resort
Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea
Ho’olei at Grand Wailea
Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott, Maui

Mid-Range Hotels in Maui Hawaii:
Maui Vista Resort
Kohea Kai Resort Maui
Maui Beach Vacation Club
Lumeria Maui Retreat
The Kula Lodge

Family Friendly Hotels in Maui Hawaii:
Kamaole Sands
Kihei Kai Nani
Maui Coast Hotel
Nona Lani Cottages
Aston at the Maui Banyan

Budget Hotels in Maui Hawaii:
Days Inn Maui Oceanfront
Maui Garden Oasis
Peace Of Maui
Maui Seaside Hotel
Kihei Resort

Cheapest Hostels in Maui Hawaii:
The Lahaina Beach House
Northshore Hostel Maui
Moped City Maui Bed & Wheels

On Lanai for suited for holidaying couples

Luxury Hotels in Lanai Hawaii:
Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Mid-Range Hotels in Lanai Hawaii:
Hotel Lanai

Family Friendly Hotels in Lanai Hawaii:
Four Seasons Resort Lana’i, The Lodge at Koele

On Oahu for the foodies

Luxury Hotels in Oahu Hawaii:
Sheraton Waikiki
The Royal Hawaiian, A Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa
Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa

Mid-Range Hotels in Oahu Hawaii:
Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii
Best Western The Plaza Hotel
Manoa Valley Inn
Hampton Inn & Suites Oahu/Kapolei
Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel

Budget Hotels in Oahu Hawaii:
Stay Hotel Waikiki
Kuhio Banyan Club
Pagoda Hotel
Hawaiian Monarch Hotel
Holiday Surf Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Oahu Hawaii:
Waikiki Marina Resort at the Ilikai
Ramada Plaza Waikiki
Prince Waikiki
Ala Moana Hotel
The Modern Honolulu

Cheapest Hostels in Oahu Hawaii:
Backpackers Vacation Inn and Plantation Village
Waikiki Beachside Hostel
The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel

On Kauai for the ardent nature lovers

Luxury Hotels in Kauai Hawaii:
Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa
St. Regis Princeville Resort
Koa Kea Hotel & Resort
Sheraton Kauai Resort
Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu, Autograph Collection
Marriott’s Kaua’i Beach Club

Mid-Range Hotels in Kauai Hawaii:
Garden Island Inn Hotel
Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club
Poipu Shores Resort
Aston at Poipu Kai
Kauai Shores Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Kauai Hawaii:
Banyan Harbor Resort
Kiahuna Plantation Resort
Kauai Beach Resort
The Kauai Inn
Castle Kaha Lani
Hilton Garden Inn Kauai Wailua Bay

Budget Hotels in Kauai Hawaii:
Tip Top Motel
The West Inn Kauai

On Molokai island to live like a local

Mid-Range Hotels in Molokai Hawaii:
Hotel Molokai
Castle Molokai Shores Resort
MVP Kepuhi Beach Resort
Ke Nani Kai

Hawaii Packing List

Here’s the list of essentials that you’ll need to enjoy a great trip to the island and back.


i. Swim Trunks & Bathing Suits:

At least a couple of them as Hawaiian holiday is all about water with beaches, pools, waterfalls, rivers, mountain streams and waterfalls apart from swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and sailing.

ii. Lightweight & quick to dry shorts:

With plenty of outdoor activities, carry at least two for each type of activity and one spare for sightseeing.

iii. Casual & dressy shorts:

Carry a couple of pairs of casual shorts for walking around and another two for eating in nice restaurants. Khaki is great choice for all occasions and also easy to mix and match.

iv. Lightweight T-Shirts:

At least two of these lightweight T-shirts that dry up quickly.

v. Slacks:

A pair of slacks in case you wish to dine at an upscale restaurant.

vi. Undergarments and Socks:

Sufficient numbers of undergarments – about ten of them as you will need to freshen up quite often.
vii. Hats: At least one to avoid sunburns on the head.


i. Sandals & Flip Flops:

Sandals & Flip Flops

One pair for the beach and the pool. Choose a natural color to complement all outfits.

ii. Reef Shoes / Water Socks:

Reef Shoes

These are must if you are going to engage in water activities or trek to the jagged volcanic rock formations.

iii. Hiking Shoes:

Hiking Shoes

One pair for comfort, breathability and versatility.


i. Flotation Strap:

For your phone or underwater camera just in case you drop it.

ii. Universal Waterproof Phone Case:

Waterproof Phone Case

Just to be that extra careful to keep you phone safe when you are clicking with it.

iii. Affordable Underwater Camera:

Underwater Camera

For those that wish to carry back eternal memories of the extraordinary underwater life in Hawaii.

Activity Accessories

i. Snorkel Gear:

Snorkel Gear

It’s always feels good to carry your own equipment even if they are available on hire almost everywhere.

ii. Flashlight:


You’ll need it when venturing into the lava tubes and caves or when you wish to explore the terrain before sunrise and sunset.

iii. Binoculars:


Whale watching between November and May is great fun and a binocular will surely add to enjoying the sighting better.


i. Sunscreen:


A good brand with SPF 50 will help you avoid the unnecessary darkening the you don’t desire.

ii. Mosquito Repellant:

Mosquito Repellant

Carry one that has DEET to avoid the unnecessary stings especially on your hiking trails.

iii. Sunglasses:


Polarized sunglasses are a good investment especially if you are planning long beach hours and plenty of trekking and exploring.

Armed with all-round information about the island, here’s wishing you a great experience on the island – for the first time or on your repeat visit!!!