Top Hawaii Surf Spots For Intermediate Surfers

Hawaii surely is the surfing capital of the world and there are many well-known surf spots, where professional competitions are held.

But this is not to say that beginners and those in the intermediate level cannot learn or enjoy surfing in Hawaii. There are several beaches that have the perfect waves for those that are still in their learning stages.

We give you a round-up on the different Hawaiian islands and the beach stretches that are ideal for intermediate surfers in Hawaii.

Some of these places also offer trained and experienced surf teachers that can guide visitors to push their surfing to the next level effortlessly. Moreover, they are familiar with nearby surf spots for the different levels of surfing to fully enjoy your holidays.

Let’s go island by island to check out the spots that are best suited for intermediate surfers:



The island of O’ahu is known for its Sunset Beach, Rocky Point and the Pipeline. The North Shore is surely not for learners. The coast is aligned by huge waves that attract advanced and professionals surfers. As a newbie to surfing, head to the South Shore of Oahu. You will love to learn and surf the waves there. The conditions are beginner-friendly and consistent.

The Kawela Bay is known for small and gentle waves. Turtle beach tends to get a bit too windy at times, yet the medium waves are just perfect to test the newly learned skills.

When it comes to Oahu, Waikiki is unmistakably the spot for beginners and intermediate surfers. The waves here are easy to paddle for and have fun with. It is easy to find teachers who offer surf lessons. Other great places for surfing on Oahu are Canoes, Publics and Diamond Head. The advantage of surfing on less crowded breaks is that you get to develop better surfing skills faster.


Lahaina in Hawaii

The western part of the island has plenty of surf schools, especially in Lahaina. It is a great place for children to learn the sport.

They can learn how to paddle, avoid the reef and wait for the waves. Kihei Beach is a spot on the island that offers small and smooth breaks for a learner to ride. Launiupoko State Beach, Wailea Beach and Grandma’s Beach are other spots.


Kiahuna Beach

Kiahuna Beach that is close to the southeastern part of the island is a beginners’ learning spot. Rookie students – both beginners and intermediate surfers are taken to build and improve skills and increase confidence.

Waiohai Beach on the northern part of the island and Lemon Drops on the south shoreline are two other hot spots for learning surfing.

Big Island:

Big Island Hawaii

The small and moderate waves of Kahalu’u Beach Park or Turtle Beach are just right for new learners to perfect the sport. Turtle Beach is also known for green sea turtles that are sighted. The spot lays on the southern fringe of the Kailua Village.