Top 3 Amazing Hawaiian Surf Legends That Rock The Waves

Hawaii is a beautiful state of the USA that is known for its golden beaches and the mighty sea.

However, Hawaii is also popular for its national sport, Surfing and there have been some real Hawaiian Surf Legends that made history in this sport.

Every year the surfing world cup, World Surf League is held in Hawaii. The high waves of the Hawaiian beaches have thrown up several reading them for professional surfing competitions.

Here we’ll talk about the real surfing heroes from Hawaii that have amazed the world with their mesmerizing surfing performances.

Top Hawaiian Surf Legends

1) Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku can be easily cited as the first among all surfing legends. Hawaiians consider him as the forebearer of world-class surfing.

This iconic legend changed the history of surfing with his inimitable performance. He was fond of his own culture and had represented the unique beauty of it through this national sport.

Duke was an incredible swimmer and represented his country internationally. After retiring from swimming, he focused on introducing the famous Hawaiian sport of surfing in various other countries, such as California and Australia.

A nine-foot fine bronze statue of Duke stands tall on the Waikiki beach in honor of this legend.

Statue of Surfer Duke Kahanamoku
Statue of Duke Kahanamoku in Waikiki

You can get to know more about him when taking part in Hawaii surf camps.

ii) Bethany Hamilton

If Duke Kahanamoku is the King of Surfing, then Bethany Hamilton easily takes up the spot of being the Queen of Surfing. This unstoppable and inspirational Hawaiian surfer comes from a surfing family.


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She was passionate about the sport from a very young age and her perfect surfing tricks led to her competing in surfing competitions from the age of eight.

But her journey wasn’t a bed of roses. In 2003, she survived a fatal attack by a tiger shark. Although she lived to win over the world with her surfing tricks, the incident left her handicapped with the right arm only.

But that couldn’t stop her. Now Hamilton is an influential and renowned surfer, author and speaker while also enjoying her motherhood with two beautiful children.

Her inspiring story seemed so attractive to Director Sean McNamara that he made Soul Surfer, a biographical movie depicting Bethany’s tragic incident of a shark attack.

The movie focuses on how she recovered from the trauma and continues to charm people with her magical rides on the surfboard.

iii) Andy Irons

This sensitive hero of surfing is known for his politeness. Despite being an arch rival of Kelly Slater, the respect between them always kept the situation under control.

Along with three popular world titles, he also won numerous international titles during his career as a surfer.

But his bipolar disorder and opined addiction led to his sudden death in 2010, leaving the world dumbstruck. Steve Jones and Todd Jones in 2018 directed the famous movie ‘Andy Irons: Kissed by God’ to honor this famous Hawaiian surfer.

Hawaii remains the best choice of the surfers even today and these Hawaiian legends have inspired the surfers from all over the world to ride on waves that are among the toughest in the world.

You sure will get to hear more about such surfing legends when participating in a surf camp Hawaii.