How To Cover Oahu in Budget?

Oahu is known for its mind-blowing beaches and epic volcanoes. However, a trip to Oahu always incurs a lot of expenses digging a hole in the pocket. In this blog, we have cited 5 exciting ways that can help you cover Oahu in Budget.

  • Go During Late Winter or Early Fall

oahu view

Buying the cheapest flight ticket to Oahu requires strategic planning. The island’s high season coincides with the snowy months on the mainland during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. Try buying your air ticket early winter to get lucrative deals. Late January often witnesses the maximum dip in air fare prices. September and October often offer bargain prices for Surf lessons in Oahu.

  • Opt for a Mid-Scale Hotel

Paying USD 400 per night for a luxury hotel is quite reasonable. However, there are 2-star and 3-star Oahu hostels, that charge as low as USD 100 – USD 150 per night. Opt for these if you can’t spend much. You’ll just have to book early (3 – 4 months prior to your trip) to get the best deal.

  • Go Hiking

hike oahu

Land adventure is as much part of a Hawaiian holiday as that is the waters. If you’re a budget traveller, it’s better if you opt for an Oahu Hike. Diamond Head – a volcanic state park in Hawaii, attracts tourists from all parts of the United States. It costs only USD 1 for pedestrians and USD 5 for cars. This way, you’ll be able to save money, as well as, enjoy the ecstatic view of the island.

  • Eat a Hawaiian Lunch

hawaii lunch menu

Honolulu boasts of plenty of dining options. The only problem is, it comes with a hefty price tag. Since most of the ingredients are imported, the average price of the edibles always remains on a higher side. However, if you opt for local food, you can save a considerable amount of money.

  • Avoid Renting a Car

While it’s completely possible to rent a car at USD 20/ day, you should avoid it entirely if you’re tight on budget. Availing the services of a car rental company means you’ll have to pay for the gas, as well as, for parking. You can even opt for Honolulu bus system. It is efficient, as well as, budget-friendly.

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