How to Paddle Faster While Surfing? Valuable Tips Every Surfer Must Follow

Surfing is an adventurous outdoor marine activity for many of us who love the sea, sand, and the sun. Mastering different paddling techniques are sure to help enjoy surfing a lot more than you expect!

If you are a beginner, then knowing the best paddling techniques will help you surf faster. It involves reducing resistance and maximizing propulsion. Here are a few ways to paddle faster while surfing.


Get your mechanics sorted

woman enjoying surfing in sunset

Faster paddling is only possible when you sort out the techniques perfectly. It’s all about mastering the paddling strokes that are fragmented into three phases.


Catch phase: In this phase, a surfer can paddle faster by pulling her/his body towards the hand as she/he drives the forearm below by rotating the shoulder around the elbow.


Pull and release phase: For faster paddling, keep your hands towards the midline of the body and then press behind. The thighs should brush as they are released.


Recovery phase: Here, as a surfer return the arm to the catching position by using high elbow, rolling it forward from the shoulder.


Keep your body in a vertical position with your head up and still

If you want to paddle faster on the surfboard, the trick is to keep the back arched with the nose placed at a distance of 2 to 3 inches away from the water.

As a surfer you must pretend that there is a soccer ball under your chins. This will ensure that your head of the surfer remains above and motionless.

Take full advantage of your propulsion

It’s important for you to know as a surfer that for getting the most of every paddle stroke and maximizing the surface area for pushing the water from below, it is essential to capitalize on propulsion.

 For achieving maximum propulsion while surfing:

  • paddle with a long and full range of motions
  • let your hand and forearm penetrate deep beneath the water and in a vertical position
  • keep your elbow high when your hand penetrates the water

Opt for strength training

If you are looking to paddle faster, strength training workouts are extremely crucial. It will help you build stamina and endurance which are obvious for improving your paddling skills.

Strength training exercises will also help you to recuperate from an injury. Always remember paddling faster begins with great fitness levels along with relevant experience.


Avoid common mistakes

Besides keeping your body posture and stance correct, it is vital to avoid some common mistakes when surfing. These are as follows:

  • When penetrating don’t squelch water.
  • Never keep your hands in cupped position while paddling. Rather keep them straight and relaxed underwater.
  • Avoid paddling with two arms simultaneously
  • Don’t paddle extensively covering a wide area
  • Keep your feet together and close enough. It will help you to maintain balance and stability.
  • Never rest your head on the surfboard because that will restrict your movement and stability.

Follow the instructions given in the blog and increase your paddling speed while surfing. For mastering the paddling techniques and getting water safety tips, join surf camp brought to you exclusively by Pata Sudaka.