How to Pop-Up on a Surfboard (Step by Step)

Surfing needs a strong body and mind. Your inner strength and power can help you in your pursuit of becoming a professional surfer. However, if you are a beginner, then even a pop-up may appear to be too difficult.

To successfully accomplish the pop-up, you need a step by step guide. You can practice pop-up while also enjoying yourself at one of the Hawaii surf camps.

Pop up is an explosive and sudden push-up, a single fluid motion. This trick helps surfers to get on their feet on the surfboard. Initially, you have to practice pop-ups on dry land. This will strengthen your arms. After enough practice on land, you can easily perform the trick on water.

Your surfing pop-up may not match exactly with your mate’s surfing pop-up. But that doesn’t make any difference. There are two variations of Pop-up: One Knee First Pop-up and Back Foot First Pop-up.

Using the following tips will improve your pop-up on a surfboard

  1. Lay on your board in upside down position or on belly forming a straight line like your board’s stringer. You need to keep your chest and hand upwards in this position and scoop water with your hands.Your feet will rest on the board. You need to place your feet right on the tail.
  2. Once you feel like you are prepared, move your hands to the side of the boards and grip it tightly.
  3. Now you need to push against your surfboard to lift your backside in the air. Now contract your leg muscles and torso. You will create a space where you need to swing your feet up.
  4. While swinging, you need to twist your hip muscles to let your dominant foot swing to the front. You need to land both your feet mid-board at the same time.
  5. Your shoulders need to face forward, knees bent and back straight from hips to your head. Spread your toes slightly, dig into the wax. During takeoff raise your arms. It will help you in balancing while popping up.
  6. Keep your body aligned with the center line of your surfboard. Try to ignore the picture of how your body is placed, raise your head and stay focused on the direction where you are heading. This will help in fast riding. You will only get better in the steps with each passing day.

You may not be able to master the steps in a day, but with constant practice, you can ace any game. As a beginner, you need to focus on strengthening your core muscles. Yoga is beneficial in muscle-building. Yogic postures and asanas keep the body flexible too.

Surfing is a combination of coordination, practice, and balance. Whether a beginner, an intermediate or a pro, everyone needs to practice pop-up. It’s a part of the warm-up session.

Along with pop up, you need to master other necessary fields of surfing also such as choosing your stance and balancing and positioning. Pata Sudaka provides the surfers with the much-needed surf training program for it all.