How to Switch from Longboard to Shortboard?

If you’re bored of riding a longboard, then switching to a shortboard will be the best option. But you’ll have to improve your skills for the same! A trusted surf camp in Hawaii can help you do that!

In this blog, we have provided a list of 3 time-tested tips that’ll help you in improving your skills and switch from a longboard to a shortboard.

longboard surfing in hawaii

  • Be Patient and Practice Hard

If you think switching from a longboard to a shortboard is an easy affair, then you’re highly mistaken. It requires quite a bit of practice. According to experts, it is always better to transit slow and steady.

They further add that this slow and gradual transition is an optimum method of developing the skills required to surf on a shortboard. The best way is to shelve 3 to 5 inches at a time and practice hard.

Alternatively, you can enroll in a reputable surf camp in Hawaii and learn the advanced techniques of surfing on the mighty ocean from experts.

  • Wait for Good Waves

The moment you downsize your surfboard, you’ll experience a loss of buoyancy. This means you’ll lose the momentum of a longboard. Unless you’re an expert and are adept at the art of staying in the pocket of the wave, you’ll face great difficulty.

You may succeed in taking off with the requisite speed, but you won’t get too far before losing speed. And as a result, the weaves might break ahead of you.

However, this doesn’t strictly mean that you’ll be needing big waves always. Even small waves sometimes are powerful enough to keep the surfboard up and moving, particularly at low tide. If you’re uncomfortable with these types of waves or lack the skill, then it’s best to wait for good waves or surf on longboards. Get in touch with any expert Hawaii Surf Camp for a detailed analysis.

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  • Maintain a Proper Body Posture

The posture of the body plays a critical role in surfing. If you’re eager to switch from a longboard to a shortboard, you should know the art of maintaining a proper body posture. The first thing that you’ll notice while on a shortboard is a shift of balance.

The large surface area of the longboards makes balancing an easy affair. However, you’ll have to stand in the middle on the shortboard with the spine and torso in line with the stringer. Else, you’ll fall off. Contact a surf camp, practice hard, and be a pro!


Master shortboard surfing at Pata Sudaka

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