12 Ways to Improve Your Surfing Skill Swiftly

Do you want to surf over the high waves or you are fine with the idea of falling down from the surf board continuously? I’m sure you would love to perform tricks on your surf board just like the expert surfers.

To learn the techniques, just stay tuned and go through the following points. These will help you in improving your surfing skills.

Let’s take a look at the tips here:

1) Know Yourself, Know Your Expertise Level

No one knows about your surfing skills better than you. Avoid underestimating or overestimating yourself. Both are harmful. Carry your surfboard based on your experience level. The same kind of board doesn’t work for a beginner and an expert.

2) Improve Your Flexibility

A flexible body lets the surfer perform numerous tricks. If your body is stiff or you keep your body in a stiff position, then you won’t be able to sail through the waves easily and eventually the waves will conquer you.

Focus more on the squatting position, improving this form will help you to strengthen your body.

3) Maintain Your Gym Regime

Surfing is a sport and nobody can win in a sport if s/he is unhealthy. With an unfit physique, you are bound to fail in surfing. To be an expert surfer or at least to improve your surfing skills, hitting the gym regularly is absolutely necessary.

Surfing needs a fit body, so a combination of exercises are helpful. Flexibility is the key in surfing, therefore, focusing more on gym training will improve your agility.

4) Warming Up Can Go a Long Way

Surfing is like exercising. Remember how you have to warm up yourself a bit before an intense program? The same way, you need to invest 5-10 minutes warming up your body to ready it for surfing.

Include twisting, landing, popping up, squatting, jumping, paddling and push-ups in the warm up session. Whether you are new participant at a Surf camp Hawaii or a pro, warming up is essential.

5) Positive Approach to the Waves Can Save you from Tripping Over

A wave’s top two-thirds is the best position to surf on. Going deep down to the bottom of the waves will make you lose speed.

6) Don’t Ignore Your Stance

A surf board’s sweet spot remains at the back near to the tail. Locating the spot perfectly can save you from losing stance. Just put a little extra weight on the front foot and you are good to go.

7) Practice, Practice and More Practice

The saying goes right – ‘Practice makes man perfect’ and the proverb is indeed true when we are talking about ways of improving surfing skills. Mastering surfing techniques needs time and practise. Hard work pays off in enhancing your surfing skills.

8) Go with the Flow

Although surfing is a sport and needs immense practice but there are some moves, tips and tricks that nobody can teach you. Waves teach those tricks with time. Learn to fall down multiple times and you will finally feel those turns yourself.

9) Push Yourself to Leave Behind Your Comfort Zone

Becoming an expert surfer is difficult for someone that loves to live in her or his comfort zone. Surfing needs a go-getter attitude, where nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.

Surfing needs pushing yourself through cold water, rough waves and numerous failures. But once you are able to ride over that huge wave, your happiness will know no limit.

Help yourself a little extra, by choosing to surf around people that are already experienced. Even watching them for a few moments can help fuel your inner fire.

10) Help Others and Take Help from Others

Taking help will improve your surfing skills. If you know someone that surfs well or has won any title in the same field, ask them.

Although they may not be able to teach you each and every trick and technique, but they can help to give you good ideas about it. When your time comes, and someone else asks you for help, guide them.

11) Waves Can be Your Greatest Master in Surfing

Surfing is all about conquering the waves. But before winning over the waves yourself, you have to let the waves win over you. Different beaches have different waves and each wave can teach you something new that will boost your confidence.

12) Having Fun is Important

You will perform well in a sport with time when you start enjoying the sport. You will not enjoy surfing if you are not having fun doing it.

Any Hawaii surf camp is all about enjoying your time there. Life is short, enjoy your time with your surf board. You will gradually learn every detail about surfing.

Now grab your surf board and ride over the bumpy waves!