Surfing Aerial Tricks for a Picture-Perfect Surfing Performance

Aerial surfing is gaining popularity among modern surfing techniques. How to perform aerial surfing moves like an expert? Learn the tricks in 10 easy steps.

Aerial surfing tricks require experimentation with techniques and good wave ramp. Average surfers have access to the front-side punts.

It is a newer version of the surfing moves. Old schoolers didn’t have much training to perform a picture-perfect aerial trick.

Younger surfers train the old surfers in surf camps of Hawaii to better perform the tricks. Surf magazines love to post pictures of aerial surfing moves in their covers.

In 1975, Kevin Reed performed an eye-catchy and perfect aerial surfing move that featured in a surf magazine as a cover photo for the first time in history.

This picture inspired the newer generation of surfers and a door opened for the new schoolers that love to perform complex aerial moves.

Now in the 21st century, aerial moves and tricks are significant parts of surf competitions.

It may not be necessary that you fly up to the skies but you need to learn the techniques to take off from the wave’s lip.

Aerial surfing requires a short board, light breeze over the lip of the wave along with speed.

The special tricks follow:

1. Steep two to three-foot waves are perfect to take off.

2. Target a breaking lip of wave and keep pumping for speed

3.  A straight surf line is required to maintain balance as you approach the targeted launch pads

4.  Widening your stance will help. Kick the tail of the board with maximum weight (almost 66%) and let the surfboard itself leave the lip. Now, raise knees to level equally your feet and chest

5. Slightly push the board with your front foot to control your back foot’s extra weight

6. While your board takes you to the air, try to drive it smoothly to the landing site

7. Trajectory is important and if you are unsure about it, then don’t hesitate and take the help of a rail

8. Your eyes, body and head need to be in tune

9. Landing impact is not something to ignore. You have to prepare yourself by staying low and bending your knees with your torso

10. Weight distribution is important and you should learn the techniques. To finish the move perfectly, distribute weight on your both feet.

Aerial surfing moves need mastering the flight techniques.

You have to decide your leap at the moment of your surfboard leaves the wave face.

During pop up, you should place your rear foot on the traction pad and front foot at the center of the board.

Don’t try to constraint yourself and let your body fly high as soon as you strike the board’s tail. Your front foot controls your surfboard’s flight.

Speed is important in the aerial surfing move. Higher speed makes the aerial higher and smoother. Practice is the key to be a pro in aerial surfing tricks.

Hawaii surf camps provides the surfers with advanced training facilities that teach them a lot about a variety of aerial surfing tricks and techniques.

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