7 Important Surfing Etiquette Everyone Needs to Know

Every sport has its own set of rules and regulations, be it written or unwritten and so does surfing. Although it may seem tempting to break the rules and follow your heart, but it can cause you trouble with the locals or with the other surfers and swimmers who are also in the water to enjoy their time only.

Maintain the basic courtesy while surfing. It can save you from lots of troubles.

Let’s take a look at the 7 most important Surfing Etiquette:

1) Avoid Snaking Around

Love the motion of snakes and implying those movements during surfing also? Be a little courteous and avoid snaking. Paddling around the other surfers and overtaking them suddenly can take the look of a water accident and it will be harmful not only for your fellow co-surfers, but for you also.

2) Avoid Dropping Yourself in on Someone Else’s Waves

Cutting in front of the other surfers out of nowhere can seem tempting to you but this is the easiest way for you to get in trouble with the others.

3) Love Hogging Over the Waves? Then DON’T

Sharing is caring and be the person who cares for others. It will save you from getting beaten up from the locals and others. You are not in Hawaii surf camp to annoy others.

4) Tag yourself as an Expert Surfer? You can be a horrible Paddler

Surfing is a lot about paddling and paddling has proper technique and rules. Not every paddling rule consists of technicalities. Some paddling rules are about being a bigger person and letting others enjoy their ride also.

Paddling into other surfers’ paths is obviously not a right way of surfing and an expert surfer respects the rules.

5) Be Sensible enough to Identify your own Surfing Abilities

Overlooking your own abilities and thinking high of yourself can be proved fatal for you. Only surf around those areas or waves which seem right for you.

If you try to picture yourself as a hero in front of others in the huge waves, then it can be malicious for you.

6) Take Care of the Sea and Beach

Love surfing but not willing to take care of the beach? Then maybe a day will come when you won’t be able to paddle through the waves.

Littering around the beach means the litters will ultimately end up in the sea and it will only pollute the water. Take care of your environment and respect the nature. Hawaii surf camp

7) And Last but not the Least, Apologies

Sorry can go a long way. In case of anything unpleasant or unwanted accident, if it’s your fault, then say sorry. It won’t make you a smaller person. Arrogance won’t help if you get yourself in trouble within the water.

Take care of yourself and others. Surf camp Hawaii is all about relishing the surfing experience, so that you can cherish the moments even after years.