Top 5 Surfing Exercises for Beginners

Surfing! The name itself is enough to make us leave our jobs and travel to an unknown world of blue waves.

You’ll surely love to indulge in the laid-back and carefree sport at any time of the day.

But you need to strengthen your mind and body for it.

Surfing demands hard work. A professional surfer cannot survive in the game for long if s/he lacks power, strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, mental toughness, and speed.

All of these together make a surfer strong enough to participate in the surfing competitions.

Seasoned surfers also need to follow specific training programs to bring their fitness level up to the mark.

You need to train yourself on land to win over the water.

Hawaii surf camps train the surfers technically and prepare them physically. You can’t be a professional surfer without working on your body.

Your core muscles need strength to perform dynamically in surfing competitions.

Check out the top surfing exercises that can help you in becoming a pro surfer:

i) Squats

Squats workout

Squats are divided into 6 different categories. They strengthen your body muscles:

Basic Squats, Jump-squats, Single-leg Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Barbell Squats, and Braced squats.

All of them are important for you to become a good surfer.

Squats may be considered as leg exercises, but the exercise offers support to knees, ankles, spine, and hips.

After mastering the basic squats, you can upgrade to the other categories and add complexity and load.

ii) Push-ups


Push-ups are an important part of surfing training program.

It requires the engagement of the whole body, aligning the spine, improving shoulder strength and strengthening the core muscles.

The strong upper body makes the duck dives and pop-ups easier.

Push-ups also have variations, such as Ring Push-ups, TRX Push-ups, Dumbbell Push-ups, Burpee Push-ups, and Clap Push-ups.

Same as in squats, you need to master the basic push-ups first, and then practice the complex ones.

iii) Lunges


After squats and push-ups, the exercise challenge gets tougher with lunges.

While surfing, you need to move your hip joints without restrictions.

This movement is similar to the basic lunges’ movements.

Similar to the previous two exercises, after acing the basic lunges, upgrade your lunges exercises with Dynamic Lunges, Overhead Walking Lunges, Alternating Medicine Ball Twist Lunges, Alternating Dumbbell Split Lunges and Alternating Sandbag Lunges.

iv) Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

After improving your body strength with squats, push-ups, and lunges, now you need to practice on unstable grounds.

Unstable surface improves balance, cardio endurance, and strength.

You can perform a variety of exercises on your gym ball, such as Exercise Ball Dumbbell Rotations, Exercise Ball Dumbbell Row, Kneeling Exercise Ball Press, and Exercise Ball Jackknife.

v) Indo Board Exercises

Indoor surfers also need to strengthen their core muscles.

An indoor surfer understood the need of the indoor surfers and created Indo Board to improve balance, core strength and the overall workout program.

However, indoor or outdoor, every surfer can enjoy the fruits of Indo Board Push-ups, Indo Board Squats, Kettlebell Clean and Press and Medicine Ball Wood Chops.

Just doing exercises doesn’t make you a better surfer. You need to regularly practice surfing on water to be a professional surfer.

Pata Sudaka trains the surfers to be stronger, fitter and improves physical capability.

Along with physical strength, you need mental strength, motivation, and patience to become an expert surfer.