Surfing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Are you ready to perform surfing tricks on your surf board?

Let’s talk about some of the moves that can help you in your journey of becoming a surfing legend.

Surfing is an adrenaline-rush-inducing sport. Tricks are an important part of surfing.

They make the sport visually pleasing. When a surfer performs new tricks, the sport becomes more graceful.

Each trick has its own and unique expression adding more excitement to it. Some tricks earn more honor in a specific region.

A surfer needs to learn paddling, trimming, popping up and duck diving – surfing’s basics, before riding on the waves.

The basics help the surfer to learn more sophisticated and complicated tricks.

The complexity of tricks increases with the surfing experience.

A beginner surfer needs to learn the basic skills of surfing, such as, training footwork, learning to read the waves and watching others performing tricks.

Surfing tricks are performed by facing the waves. Explore the three basic surfing tricks as a beginner.

i) Bottom Turn

The experts of surf camp Hawaii consider bottom turn as the most important trick for beginners. This trick is considered as the foundation of surfing.

In the list of basics of surfing, bottom turn is right on top almost initiating surfers to face the waves.

This trick lets the surfer channel the momentum and speed towards the wide-open area in front of you.

ii) Cutback

Another key maneuver for beginner surfers is cutback. This trick helps in reducing the speed.

It helps the surfer in re-positioning within the energy zone.

iii) Carve

This third trick lets the surfer change his/her direction and line in the waves’ open area.

You put the maximum power and strength on your surfboard’s tail while performing the trick.

The tail remains buried underwater drawing an arc while you stay in a curl.

Now let’s take a look at other important tips that a beginner surfer can follow:

i) Take help of an experienced friend while learning surfing or join a Hawaii surf camp.

ii) Large boards help in learning surfing better and faster.

iii) Soft-tops are better choices as initially you will use them more for sitting.

iv) Choose a beach wisely. Some beaches are known for steady waves that help beginners.

v) Watch other surfers. Even just by watching you can learn a lot.

vi) Maintain distance from the experienced surfers while surfing. Experienced surfers perform advanced move on big waves and your mistake can lead to an accident.

vii) Learn how to sit on a surfboard. It may seem very easy but this is not easy.

viii) Be a paddle expert. Paddling is key to good surfing and you need to be a paddle king/queen.

ix) Falling over is a crucial part of surfing. It’s inevitable for a beginner surfer.

x) While riding on the board, bend your knees, not your back.

xi) And lastly, having fun is important while you are on the surfboard.

Surf trips in Hawaii are really enjoyable and they can teach you multiple tricks and tips during your vacation.

These trips can turn you into a successful surfer in the long run.