Tips To Hike Diamond Head Crater

Wandering what is Diamond Head Crater? Well, the Diamond head Crater in Hawaii is an extinct Tuff Volcano located in Waikiki. Its rough ridges and lush foliage attract hiking enthusiasts from all parts of the world. According to a report published by the local government, more than 3000 people attempt Diamond Head Crater hike every year.

Diamond Head Crater hike

If you’re one among those souls having a keen interest on Diamond Head Crater adventure, then this blog is a must-read for you! We’ve provided 5 exciting tips that’ll make it easier. So, keep reading!

  • Find a Proper Parking Spot –

    Finding a proper parking spot can sometimes be more challenging than the hike itself. The few parking spots that are available charge $5 per vehicle and the only mode of payment is cash. However, on weekends, you can park your car for free at Kapiolani Community College, located near the Diamond Head Crater’s trailhead.

  • Carry Hat and Sunscreen-

    Trust us, you’d be needing a hat and a lot of sunscreen, especially if you’re attempting to undertake the Diamond Head Crater hike during the summer season. Although the hike isn’t long, you’ll be exposed to the Sun throughout the hike.

  • Bring Snacks and Water-

Though the hike from trailhead to summit is less than a mile, the slope is quite steep. So, don’t forget to carry water and snacks, as you might end up becoming dehydrated. There are water fountains at the base of the crater but not at the top. So, if you’re not carrying your own bottle, you’ll have no option to quench your thirst while hiking.

  • Wear Proper Hiking Shoes –

    This is something you mustn’t forget. A decent pair of hiking boots would give you a proper grip on the rough patches of the crater. You may see people wearing flip flops and sandals, but we seriously advise against it! The trail is highly unpaved and uneven, and the best way to stay safe and avoid falling is to wear a good pair of hiking shoes.

  • Manage Time Strategically –

    Though the Diamond head Crater hike is less than a mile, the elevation is about 560 feet. This means that the hike is steep and strenuous. Unless you’re an experienced hiker, you’ll be needing 45 to 60 minutes to reach the top. During the hike, make sure to rest whenever you run out of breath. This way, you’ll enjoy the hike and reach the top without getting exhausted. Remember that the latest time to start the hike is 4:30 PM.

The summit of the Diamond Head Crater offers a majestic view of Waikiki. You’d be able to witness the historic Diamond Head Lighthouse and a great part of Urban Honolulu from the top. So, the Diamond Head Crater hike is definitely worth attempting.

Here was our list of 5 time-tested strategies that’ll definitely help you minimize the difficulty of hiking this 560-foot-high volcano. Let us know in the comment section if you think we’ve missed out something important. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences if you’ve already succeeded in reaching the top!

Happy Hiking!