Top 5 Advices To Consider If You Surf In Hawaii For The First Time

Hawaii is remarkable as one of the best destinations to surf in the United States. From exotic beaches to mouthwatering restaurants and waterfall hikes, Hawaii has its all to welcome a group of young crowds and adventurous people.

If you want to surf for the first time in Hawaii as a beginner, you’re advised to make a strong plan ahead of your visit. How do you pick where to go, what to eat, which spot to choose for surfing, and things to do and not do in Hawaii? In order to get answers to meet your excitements, continue reading with us to know how to surf in Hawaii for first-timers.

By the end of this write-up, you will get to know where to travel, what to do, and how to surf in Hawaii for beginners. And also, you might get some smart ideas to make the most of your vacation. In Hawaii, Surfing has been a major cultural part for many generations. There are many excellent spots to learn how to surf in Hawaii and make it your adventurous journey as well.

Group photo of surfers in Hawaii

Now, let’s start with –


Take A Surf Lesson If You Are A Beginner

If you want to learn how to surf in Hawaii, you need to search for an experienced coach who will suggest you good places to go surfing and teach how to deal with beginner waves. These highly qualified instructors will guide you to spots where the waves are small and good to manage for beginners. You also need to learn surf etiquette ahead of planning to surf in Hawaii.

For beginners, winter is a perfect time to take surf lessons and visit the southern shores as the waves are much tamer there. Hawaii has tropical warm weather with water temperatures of 22-27ºC throughout the year. And so, you don’t need a wetsuit to surf in here. Finding the right type of beach in Hawaii to go surfing is always important for first-timers. Therefore, you must ensure to choose an experienced coach and the best beginner lessons for surfing in Hawaii.

Respect The Locals And Uncles In Hawaii

In Hawaii, visitors will always receive a warm welcome and can experience the unique culture and tradition of the beautiful land. And also, visitors are suggested to arrive with an open mind and learn different traditions & behavior from the locals of Hawaii. In each meeting, you’ve to greet the locals and show respect to them while surfing as well. Also, make sure to use correct words and show kindness to everyone in Hawaii.

The locals of Hawaii are considered as an important part of the community, and so as a visitor you’ve to always show respect to them. You also need to follow their rules and avoid interrupting while they’re catching waves. As a visitor, you need to show utmost respect to “uncles”, which means “elders” in Hawaii. Even while surfing in Hawaii, you aren’t entitled to interrupt in the ways of elders while they’re surfing or catching waves.

Learn The Etiquettes & Rules of Surfing

If you are planning to go surfing in Hawaii, it’s important to learn the etiquettes and rules of surfing ahead of catching the waves. That’s why it’s significant to identify your abilities and paddle out with caution while surfing. For beginners, you need to stay in peace, and understanding your priority and etiquettes is imperative in surfing. Waiting for the turn to catch waves is also essential surf etiquette to maintain in Hawaii.

Be respectful to everyone surfing around you, and new surfers should always check with the locals to avoid risks in surfing. Please help to keep the Hawaiian beaches clean after completing your surfing tour.

Make Sure To Surf In A Spot For Beginners

For beginners, surfing isn’t quite easy to learn but it’s full of adventure. In Hawaii, there are waves for all levels (from long to double overhead and mellow rollers) so it’s important to search for the right place to enjoy surfing for first-timers. The following are some major surf sports for beginners –

  1. Thousand Peaks (Maui)
  2. Pops (Oahu)
  3. Breakwall (Maui)
  4. The Cove (Maui)
  5. Canoes (Oahu)
  6. Banyans (Hawaii)
  7. Hanalei Bay (Kauai)

That’s very much important to take guidelines from your instructors in choosing the right surf spots in Hawaii.

Learn About Your Surf Equipment

If you are an enthusiast to surf in Hawaii, you primarily need to study all your surf equipment with its purpose to stay safe. Foam boat is one of the most-common equipment, which’s made of lightweight Polyurethane foams that helps to ride any-size waves as an expert. Make sure to understand the safety management while surfing and skills to ride against water currents.

Now that if you want to go surfing as a professional, you need to check out the list of basic surf equipment :

  1. Foam/ Fiber-Glass Boats
  2. Fins
  3. Surf Wax
  4. Leash
  5. Rash Guard
  6. Surf Earplugs
  7. Surf Poncho
  8. Surf Watches & Camera
  9. Boots, Hoods & Gloves

Once you are ready with all the surf equipment, it’s time to take an adventurous tour to catch the waves. You must also ensure to carry the required safety gear to enjoy unlimited surfing on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

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