Hawaii in April, Top 5 reasons why April is the best month to travel to Hawaii

Planning a vacation to travel to Hawaii and wondering what would be the best time to come? Wonder no more! We have all the answers for you, read on Hawaii in April.

1. The Hawaiian ‘winter’ is over!
Yes, you’d be surprised, Hawaii does get chilly in the winter months. By that, we mean that we locals have to dig up our dust-covered long pants and hoodies from the back of our closets.

With April arriving, so does the warmer temperatures, the otherwise cold strong winds have calmed down, storm are a matter of the past, the ocean feels warmer with every wave hitting the shore. It is THE perfect to enjoy Hawaii, not too cold, windy, or rainy – neither too hot and humid.

These conditions are also great for surfing! No need for a wetsuit and as the wind gets softer, you are in for the win with light onshore breeze, providing you with fun glassy waves.

Waikiki surfing with friends Pata Sudaka Surf Camp Oahu Hawaii

2. In April the rainbow season is ON!
Just like the beginning of winter, the end of it also means rainbow season. With a light occasional day, where the drizzle seems to be falling from the never-ending blue sky, this creates the perfect condition for stunning rainbows. And we are not talking about faint teeny tinny rainbows you are probably thinking about. We are talking about the Hawaiian rainbow – a complete half circle from start to end of bright vivid colors. And it can get even better with a double rainbow!

Be prepared to see a rainbow EVERY DAY, especially in the mornings and afternoons. This is something that will surely make your sunrise or sunset session unforgettable.

If you want to know more, we highly recommend this article on Science Friday, “Why Hawaii is the perfect place for rainbows”.

3. Ditch the crowd!
Being surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people, not only in the lineup, can be intimidating. Especially nowadays as we are slowly emerging out of our post-pandemic cocoons. That is exactly why we planned our April surf camp to take place after the spring break. It is the perfect – low tourism season, just before the summer crowd stars coming to the islands. Less crowd means – mellow lineups, light traffic and less wait time.

4. Perfect beginner-friendly surf conditions
As winter season comes to an end, so do Hawaii’s well known North Shore swells that can reach up to 15-18ft (sometimes even double that on a big swell). Not only do the swells come down, but also the energy of the water and rip currents mellow out. As we mentioned earlier, the winds also soften creating the most perfect beginner-friendly surf conditions.

Let’s not forget the crowed – less tourism means less waiting for waves to catch!

Here an article about some awesome spots that we love to visit “5 best surf spots for beginners in Oahu”


5. Make April your favorite month too!
If I haven’t convinced you yet about why April is the best month to travel to Hawaii let me tell you this, once the rainy winter season is over and the Hawaiian heat is rising up, so is our produce!

Have you ever tried a local Hawaiian mango? Pick fresh off of a tree? Well, then you certainly missing out! These mangoes are the sweetest most juiciest you’ll ever eat. Not a mango fan? How about a fresh avocado, or passion fruit, papaya, lychee… do I need to keep going? Wait and how about breadfruit? If you haven’t tried, you are missing out! This prickly oval fruit is delicious when cooked, it tastes similar to—you guessed it!—freshly-baked bread and it is THE best.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your spot now before they are all taken! We are inviting you to come to Hawaii with a last-minute promo: 15% off only for our April Camp COUPON: APRILRAINBOW15.