8 Different Types of Surfing Boards

Do you enjoy surfing, a game that speeds up the adrenaline rush? Surfing is impossible to enjoy without the surf boards and with time surf boards have evolved to fit in the surfers’ need of winning over different waves.

Surfers choose surf boards based on their techniques and styles. The dimensions (length, width, depth) of surfboards also change with their types.

Let’s discuss about the types here:

1) Short-board

Professional surfers prefer to surf on Short-boards. Short-boards are usually chosen to take part in the surfing competitions.

The length varies between 5.6” to 6.5” and the width stays between 16” to 20”. Short-boards heighten the experience of the surfers among the blue waves and golden beaches.

2) Long-board

Long-boards are quite huge in size. The 8” to 10” long surf boards are easier to paddle for the surfers.

However, the size of long-boards sometimes makes surfing tough.

3) Foam-board

Wish to enjoy surfing with your family? Then, Foam-boards are perfect for you.

Foam-boards are prepared keeping in mind the novice surfers and they provide the surfers with stability that beginners need.

As a learner, you can enjoy yourself in the Hawaii surf camp on the foam-board.

4) Body-board

Body-boards are great choice for beginners. They are perfect to lay on during the initial surfing days.

The cost-friendly boards are hear to back you if you are not an expert in surfing.

5) Fun-board

Are you in mood of surfing but afraid of waves? Don’t look further. Fun-boards are just perfect for beginners.

The length and width of Fun-boards generally range between 6’6” to 8’ and 20” to 23” respectively. The shape of Fun-boards lends the surfers solidity over the rough waves of the sea.

6) Malibu

The shape and design of Malibu are not much different from those of Long-boards. Generally, Malibu consist of three small fins.

7) Gun

Gun is another type of surf board that is made for surfers that are experienced in the sport. Guns make the paddling easier for surfers. You can easily surf through the steeper and big waves with Guns.

8) Fish

If you are planning to surf on a beach where the usual range of waves remain within medium to small, then Fishes are the right choice.

The design of fishes makes surfing easier. Fishes help in maintaining speed as well as help enhance performance. The length usually ranges between 5’2” to 6”4” and the width varies from 18” to 23”.

Now grab your surfing board based on your perfection level and conquer the wavy rides in Surf Camp Hawaii.