Welcome to Pata Sudaka!

Hello & Welcome to Pata Sudaka!

…we want to give all those nature lovers and adventure seekers a tropical warm welcome from Hawaii or Ecuador (depending on where we are surfing right now). We are here offering you a different surf experience, along with discovering the local culture and sustainability, that are important parts of our vision.

Our surf trip offers the perfect experience, whether you are learning how to surf or you are already in-love with the feeling of stoke – that only surfers will know…

Surf trips with Pata Sudaka are different to the usual surf camp trips that you know. We have give you cooking classes, dance lessons, community work with reforestation programs, yoga and reiki, among other activities that everyone can participate in freely. No to mention living in a surf villa with all the equipments you’d need to be able to surf whenever you want.

We believe that sustainable and responsible tourism can be the future protector of natural areas vulnerable to changes in society, generating awareness and activism through the integration and dissemination of information to our fellow travelers.

Destination OAHU – HAWAII

One of the most famous surf culture places in the world, this island has infinite landscapes with waves recognized worldwide. Surf breaks for all level surfers, besides being a host to many of the most important surf competitions as well as a home to many professional surfers.

Destination AYAMPE – ECUADOR

A mile-long sandy beaches, endless beach breaks and warm waters in this almost untouched Ecuadorian shoreline. Our motto is “NO WETSUIT”. Ayampe is a place where nature rules the world, where paradise-like beaches meet the tropical jungles. Here you will be in contact with the ocean and the sand at all times. Eating shellfish and tropical fruits in hammocks and watching amazing sunsets between two islands. That’s Ayampe!

We are Pata Sudaka and this is our blog, we will be uploading information about our surf trips, lifestyle, friendships and much more. Be part of this amazing experience!

ALOHA! Your Pata Sudaka Team 🙂