What does “Pata Sudaka” mean?

Pata Sudaka team was born and raised in Ecuador – South-America. In Spanish, PATA is a slang for a leg, but when you say: ‘I need a Pata’ it usually means that you need a friend, a brother or a sister to hang out with.

A PATA will come with you to a party, join you for a trip, or just help you fix your broken car. So sometimes you just wish you had a PATA who will always have your back. Let us be your PATA if you wish to come to Hawaii or Ecuador and we will make sure you will have a great time while we will always have your back.

SUDAKA is South American slang, we have been using this word in Ecuador with friends for a very long time. Peruvians and maybe Argentinians are also familiar with this word. To avoid the hustle of saying that someone is Sooouutthh ameerriiicaannn, we simply use the SUDAKA word which is easy to say and sounds super cool.

The word SUDAKA is in no way racist nor offensive. We decided to add the word SUDAKA to our name because we are very proud of where we come from. Ecuador and the rest of this

continent is just a land full of blessing. We are the lungs and the heart of the world,
and don’t forget we are very friendly and accommodating people.

Sometimes when I think back I wish we had a PATA to guide us to all these places we had to discover on our own. So we will be your PATA and in 10 days we will show you the best spots for you to enjoy every moment.

We wish for you to take a step forward and make the decision to come with us for the best
experience of your life with the Pata Sudaka Team.

We hope to see you on the hikes in Ecuador or on the white sandy beaches of Hawaii.

Always keep dreaming.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Muchas Gracias.

Pata Sudaka Hawaii Surf Camp