Which Sunscreen to Use While Going for Surfing in Hawaii?

The breathtaking islands of Hawaii promise unlimited excitement and fun. Therefore people travel in countless numbers every year for a larger than experience. Right from reveling to taking part in water sports, hiking on the trail to surf camp you can get easily into the holiday mood. But whatever you do, the sun can get really intense. So you need proper protection from the detrimental UV rays to prevent photo-aging of the skin. Using a good sunscreen with higher SPF is vital for your skin. And at the same time, it should also conform to the marine environment of the islands.

Products with natural ingredients are safer on the skin

For beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, choosing gentle natural sunscreens are better for the skin and environment. Chemical-free, water-resistant, reef safe and biodegradable sunscreen products are really good for the ocean. Ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil are effective against the harmful UV solar rays, does not irritate the skin and do not contaminate the ocean. Hence whether you hike or swim, surf or snorkel, natural products are always beneficial.

Products with higher SPF are always effective

The more the SPF in a sunscreen, the longer is the protection against sunburn. However, you should have a deeper understanding of SPF 15+, 30+, 60+, 90+ and others. While skin experts and dermatologists opine that sunscreen with SPF 30 is ideal for everyone, but since you will be getting in the water, a higher SPF in the sun protection is highly recommended by them. It is because, in oceans, the effect of radiation intensifies.

Products with broad-spectrum protection work really well for the users

It is important to use a sunscreen in Hawaii that gives protection from sunburn caused by both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays increase the risk of skin cancer and trigger wrinkles and sagging by penetrating deep into it. UVB rays, on the other hand, are the culprit behind the skin becoming red when exposed to sunlight and developing painful blisters. Only cutting-edge sunscreens that are labeled as broad spectrum can defend your skin from both the detrimental UV solar rays during surf camp Hawaii.

Water-proof and moisture- resistance is the key

Water-proof products are great for the Hawaiian sun as they help in absorbing the sweat and perspiration of the body. Effective products will give you resistance from moisture for 80 minutes. You can consider popular brands such as Badger, Thinksport, EltaMD, DeVita, and others.

Lotion-based products can be rubbed evenly on the skin

Sunscreen lotions are thick and consistent which provides adequate protection for a longer time. However, don’t be tempted to use a spray sunscreen because it cannot be applied easily and evenly on the skin.

Shield yourself from the sun with the best sun- care techniques and products. They have the best getaway experience in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.